Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 3 "Ay"

ey Everybody!

Thank you all for the wonderful letters and emails this week! It's so fun to hear about what you are all doing! This week was just another week in Paradise! Like really, hot and humid! Haha! Who would have thought the weather here would be like Costa Rica!? There are also about 120,000 people here in Burlington, so it's a pretty busy city! Seems like there are a million stop lights also!

Mom, you asked if people really do say Ay, and they do! Well some people do! It's said a lot more in the states making fun of Canada. The missionaries say it a lot too, ay :)

I haven't told you a lot about Elder McKinnon, but he is from Idaho like I said! He's been talking a lot about how the "spud harvest" works in Idaho! I love Elder McKinnon, he's just down to earth and a hard working missionary! He also ran track in high school, but doesn't like to run on the mission cause it tires us out too much! 

I haven't had a ton of weird food here yet! Most of it is very similar to American food! I have had some Philippeano food though and that's super good!! I'll explain more about that later on. I also had Poutine flavored Chips today! They have better chip flavors here, there are a lot more... Diverse I would say!

This week I was able to start a bunch of conversations with people about Hunting and Fishing! It really helped out because they were comfortable with me and then they would listen to the things we had to say! It's crazy how the interests before our missions can help us connect with different people! One guy had a huge Caribou in his garage that we talked to him about for a bit and then shared a brief message about the Restoration! It's really cool!

Well, Tuesday we met a lovely guy down at the park who wouldn't tell us which country he was from, but he said it was small and communist and in Europe. Any Guesses? His name was Mike, and he rides his bike around so therefore we call him "Mike on the Bike". We talked with him for like 45 minutes and it was just absolutely crazy! He started off the conversation about how we evolved from Kangaroos.... because women carry around bags? And that was just the beginning! Unfortunately he wanted nothing to do with the gospel, but we did get him to accept a pamphlet!

This week we also got to go on Exchanges! Elder Erickson came to Burlington with me where we got to go out finding all day! Elder McKinnon went with Elder Ngerantar (From Malaysia) to Hamilton. Ward Coordination and both of our appointments fell through so we had a great day of finding! We met one lady who opened the door and said "No English" (She spoke spanish) so We replied while pointing to our name tags "La Iglesia De Jesus Cristo de Los Santos de los Ultimos Dias" That's all we could really say about the church so I'm going to take her a Spanish Book of Mormon this week!

Saturday was a little rough because we worked so hard all day but didn't see much progress, we hadn't found any investigators that week and knew it was possible to find some! So Saturday night we planned to find 3 New Investigators on Sunday! As we prayed about it we felt really good about it so we went out Sunday with that in mind!

For church we had Stake Conference where we learned about keeping the Sabbath Day holy! It was so good, and one of the speakers compared it to an ice cream sundae, everybody likes different things on their ice cream sundaes but you also don't put things like hot dogs and lettuce on ice cream! It was really cool to think about the importance of the Sabbath day! 

Last night we had Dinner at the Acorda's home, they are from the Philippines and they made us these super good spring rolls that you eat with Vinegar! Super delicious! They also made Pansit which is a noodle dish with vegetables! That food was so delicious! The best part wasn't the dinner though, it was the fact that they have 3 non-members living in their home with them from the Philippines! Rocky and his Two Sons MJ and Setti just got here about 2 weeks ago and have been coming to church and we got to teach them about the Plan of Salvation after Dinner, and the lesson was all in Tagalog! If that's not the gift of tongues I don't know what is! Brother Acorda translated but we were able to follow along with what they were talking about! It was amazing! We also set up a time that we are all playing basketball this week! That'll be a blast and really help the kids get more involved with the church! If you forgot what I said a bit ago, that means we got 3 new investigators! It's so cool to see how when we work hard and give it our all as a missionary, we are blessed with seeing miracles! 

After we taught the lesson, Brother Acorda asked us to give his son a blessing who has been sick and he asked me to give it. It was such an amazing way to finish off the week, and I'm so blessed to be serving here in Burlington. 

Happy Birthday Mom and Dad!!

Love you all!!

Love, Elder Taylor

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