Monday, August 24, 2015

Yak Shi Mash - Week 4 Burlington

It means "How are you?" in Polish! I learned it from some Polish guy while tracting here in Burlington! This week we were so incredibly blessed here in Burlington! I've never seen as many miracles as I saw this last week in my life. Our District Leader said he's never seen Burlington do that well in a week before, it's so cool that I get to be a part of this amazing work here! This week I've been really working on forgetting myself! As I've done that I've seen so many blessings and learned so many amazing things!

We had a specialty training on Thursday morning where President Clayton shared about the new changes in the mission, and they are huge! Missionary work is no longer teaching new people about the gospel, we are now working with the ward members so close! We also are working on helping members find their way back to the flock. It's such a blessing and just as we have been working with members, we have been blessed with new investigators! One guy named Dave even texted us this week and said "I've been reading out of the Book of Mormon and I love It, I would love to meet up and learn more about it". WHAT ON EARTH?!?! THAT NEVER HAPPENS!! I'm so excited to meet with Dave, turns out he is a former investigator who told the missionaries to go away and never come back, well guess what, that's not happening! Dave, here we come! 

Rocky, MJ, and Setti are doing absolutely amazing! We got to meet with them again this week which was such a miracle! Saturday night we went over to Sister Marcellis' home for dinner. She is a Philippeano lady who is married to an Old Catholic man named Brother Batstone! Basically Bro. Batstone just likes to bible bash, so we went in their praying for patience, and guess what, we didn't bash at all, he was fishing for it but nothing ever happened! If you know anything about Philippeanos they love to have people over for dinner and parties! So guess who showed up, Brother and Sister Acorda with Rocky, MJ, Setti, and Joy!! We had a great dinner and because they love to party we weren't able to leave a long message before dinner was up. After we left we knew we had to go back after our next appointment to share a brief message. When we got there, Rocky, MJ, and Setti were all sitting there and were ready to learn about the Restoration! All of the Sudden Brother Batstone comes in and I'm thinking "Crap, he's going to ruin this". He didn't say one word during the entire lesson! It was such a blessing! Now my goal is to get Bro. Batstone to church :)

We have also been working still with Robin, The lady we met on my first day here! She has grown so so much and we taught her the Word of Wisdom this week! That's what we had prepared to teach but she brought it up. She said she could give up alcohol and cigarettes but not Coffee, but you could tell she almost knew she had too!! You can't deny the Holy Ghost! I'm excited to meet with her this week and see how praying about the Word of Wisdom went!

Mom, I know you wanted to know about all the food here so I looked through my Journal and thought back about all the food and I picked out a few things that really stuck out to me. First off, every Thursday we have our lunch with Greta Zelanko, she is the older lady from Slovenia. She cooks so much delicious food, I'm pretty sure she is trying to kill us with the amount of food! We are so blessed here with the amount of food we get fed! People think we don't get fed or something so they just cook massive amounts of food for us! We have so much leftovers in the fridge right now! When I read about Elder Carling eating tomato soup and dry cereal for the first few days in England I just felt so bad for him! Anyways, this week at Greta's we had Golash which is a Hungarian Curry dish with Pork, it was delicious! She also made bread that had Dates, blueberries, rubarb, bananas and who knows what else in it! It was actually really really good!

We had Dinner with Alanso and Mercedes Aragon like 2 weeks ago and Mercedes made us a really good Guatemalan dish that I have no Idea what it was! It was like Chicken and Potatoes and all sorts of other things! They also taught me how to eat green beans the correct way! You put a little fresh lime on them and salt. So so good! We eat with the Bonus family quite a bit and one time Sister Bonus made a weird Dixie Coleslaw, it was the worst coleslaw i've ever had but you can't say that so I just worked it down! She also mixed fruit with Cool Whip and poured rice in with it. Oy vey, what is this stuff? I don't recommend that either.

Elder Mckinnon and I have been doing Iron Chef Challenges when we actually make dinner and we both pick a random Item and make something. Last week I picked Indian Spice and Elder McKinnon picked canned Peaches! We made Peach Currie with ham and potatoes in it. Needless to say we ate PB&J's for dinner. 

I also had my first experience with Cabbage rolls at Brother Neame and Sister Zacher's home. I was so scared, they looked like dirty socks soaked in juice and cooked! They were actually pretty good!! It was basically a chunk of ground beef wrapped in cabbage! 

My favorite dinners so far have been dinner's with the Phillippeano families however! I love Sanpeet, it's their noodle and vegetable dish! I did have chicken liver however at one of those dinners and decided I don't need to have that again!

Last week for P-Day we went on a hike to Kerncliff Park, and played frisbee for like an hour in this way cool valley in all these trees! I'll send one of the pictures from last week! Our typical P-Day involves studies and laundry, shopping, and cleaning. We also choose a different activity to do each week. This week we are trying to build a giant Book of Mormon for Proselyting, Hopefully it will work out!

Well, That's about all I have to say for this week! My prayers are with Coleman and his family, I know that he is in God's hands. I love you all, and thank you for keeping me updated!

Love you all, 

Elder Taylor

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