Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Elder Jones, Pumpkin Honey & Crazy Kevin

Well, I'm sure you are all wondering who my new companion is, and it is Elder Jones! He is from Birmingham England, he has been a member of the Church for 23 months and is 24 years old! He is an amazing Missionary, with such a strong testimony, we are going to have lots of fun together, and he's helping me work on my British Accent, also I never realized American's have accents, but it's hilarious to hear him make fun of us :) Fun fact about him is he use to work on Movie sets for BBC so he scouted out locations and then he would be on set for filming shows like Top Gear and Dr. Who. Really cool eh?

We had a really great lesson with Alanso and Mercedes, we talked about the Holy Ghost and Mercedes says she isn't quite ready for Baptism but she is getting closer to being ready!! They are still reading out of the Book of Mormon for an hour each day! I'm so excited for when she finally feels like she is ready! They also gave us this super interesting dessert, which is Pumpkin soaked in Boiled Sugar Cane, it tastes super similar to pumpkin pie, but it isn't quite as sweet! I can't remember what it is called exactly but Im pretty sure it translates from spanish as "Pumpkin Honey" I should have taken spanish class more seriously... ;)

The other Night we were out contacting on the street and we met these 2 guys and a girl and they had this weird looking Cane. Turns out the end of it was a million-volt tazer!! He started to tell us about how he had just bought it because he got attacked by a pack of coyotes while he was walking his dog the other night! Crazy eh?! We kept talking to them about some things and the one guy was Buddhist and was talking about how the Bible taught evil things? He was quite the guy let me tell you, his name was Kevin, and he would always say something and then clasp his hands in front of his face and like bow. I love people here :)

I felt so bad for Elder Jones, he ended up getting sick on Thursday so we had to spend the day in the apartment, luckily I had a bunch of records we had to update and some planning I needed to do so I was able to get all of that done in that time! He's doing a lot better now, but he now has a cold, poor guy, just can't get well! 

Yesterday on our way to church we saw this absolutely amazing rainbow that seemed to be shooting out of the Ground and it was right over the church! As we got to church the sun was shining on the church so brightly! Talk about Brightly Beams :) When we got inside we realized it was the Primary program! Even better, you know primary programs, they are the BEST!!

Today Elder Jones, Scofield, Vang and I are headed to get all you can eat sushi for lunch! We are so pumped :) Then it's back to the apartment for some deep cleaning and organization, we still have to get all of Elder Jones stuff put away! 

Alma 34:32 is my ponderize scripture for the Week! It is so simple, but it helps us to remember the purpose of our life here on earth! We are here to learn, grow, and prepare! I've learned a lot about true joy while I've been here! I'm so grateful for all of you and your influence to me!

Anyways, I love you all!

Elder Taylor

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