Monday, October 19, 2015

Something BIG is Going Down!

Hello Everybody! I hope all is going well this wonderful morning! Last night we got a phone call from President Clayton, and you know something big is going down when you get a call from President! So we answered and he said, "Well Elder Taylor, you wore your companion out, so you'll be training a new missionary in Burlington" Oh man, I was so shocked! I couldn't even believe what I heard! He then went on to say that Elder McKinnon was getting shipped up north to be a Zone Leader in Sudbury! We are both super excited, but also super sad to be leaving each other, but It is the Lord's will, and that is exactly what we are supposed to be doing! 

On Monday evening after our Thanksgiving feast, we made our way over to McDonalds where we met with Dwayne, he is from Guayana and has a huge knowledge of the Bible! He has a real desire to know more about the Book of Mormon and he is so much fun to teach because of his knowledge of the Bible! We texted him about Church and got no reply, but lone behold, he was there! It was so good to see him sitting there in church! 

I went on 2 exchanges this last week with Elder Turner and Elder Winn! Both times I stayed in Burlington with them and learned so much from them that I'm excited to apply to the area. Elder Winn served here last year so he told me about some people to stop by so that is this weeks goal to go by all of them. One of my focus' I wanted to learn more about was finding Less-Active members and helping them return. So Elder Turner gave me some ideas and in planning that night we planned to randomly stop by a Less-Active who we had helped move my 2nd day here. The next day once I was back with Elder McKinnon we stopped by and got into her apartment building, but it had turned out she had moved, so we found her phone number and called her and she said she had a few minutes to talk so we ran over to her new apartment and shared a message about Faith with her, she even invited us to come back next week for cake on her birthday! It's cool to see how when we have Faith and follow the spirit, we are guided to those who need our help! 

I know I'm suppose to write about the food I've eaten, which is weird because coming to Canada I never thought I would eat weird food, but lone behold, yesterday we went to one of the Filipino members home's for lunch and had what they like to call "Blood Pudding". Yes, it is as bad as it sounds but they love it! When we got it they were like, "you have to eat it before we tell you what it is". Basically it looked like a bunch of meat in black sauce. After getting it down with some rice and sweet chili sauce she went on to tell us that it was pork cooked in it's own blood. If you have anemia it is a really good food for ya. ;)

My Ponderize scripture of the Week is Mosiah 4:20! It's such an amazing scripture and I know that as we turn to the Lord we WILL find peace and joy!

I hope everything Is going well for all of you! I'm sending a picture of Elder McKinnon, Elder Rodriguez, Elder Winn, and I in the Hamilton Downtown apartment!

Love you all!

Elder Taylor

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