Tuesday, July 5, 2016

My Oh My, I Love The USA 7/4/16

My oh my, I love the good ol' US of A! We are having a Zone BBQ today and it'll be a ton of fun! I'm sure you are all very curious about Transfers, well here is the news... Elder McKinnon is leaving me and headed to Don Valley (Toronto) to train a new missionary! 

He will be on Buses and he is super excited! For me, I'm staying and Elder Tuahivaatetonohini is coming to Barrie with me! He goes by Elder T because nobody can say his name. Anyways, he is awesome, he's been out for about a year and a half and he is from Tahitit! I'm really excited to see what happens this transfer! Something really cool though, last week we started to teach a new family from Cameroon. The Husbands name is Roderick and he speaks english but their first language is French, so is Elder T's which will be really cool because they can be taught in their own language. I'll just sit and testify in English. Maybe I'll pick up some french! 

This Week went really well! We did so much service, I couldn't believe how much we actually did. Here is a run down of what happened.. We moved Sister Weaver Monday, Tuesday we moved the Todd's and used a power washer to clean a members deck. Wednesday we pulled up some carpet for a member and then made a flour bed for another member and Thursday we installed flooring, Saturday we mowed Sister Todd's lawn! It was a crazy busy busy week. Our investigators are doing pretty well, we had a hard time this last week meeting with all of them but we have a super packed week this week!

At church we had 2 random investigators show up, it was soo cool. One of the investigators the Sisters are teaching got up in testimony meeting and talked about how strong the spirit was at our church compared to other faiths! It was really cool! :) 

We took the bikes out and had an awesome day, found a few people to possible begin teaching! While we were out I was thinking a lot about a few things and I come to a realization of the importance of loving every single moment of our lives, even when it seems boring, hard, difficult, when we enjoy those times, we really come to find a lot more joy. I've been really trying to work on that and I've seen it influence how excited and happy I've been! 

I hope you all have a blessed day!

Love you all!

Elder Taylor

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