Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Elder T & I Are Staying in Barrie! 9/6/16

Well, we got the Transfer call, but just to tell us what was happening in the Zone! Elder T and I are staying another transfer together, wahoo!! So excited! We had quite the week though, let me tell you! We've been having such a good time up here and things are going so so well! Kat was Baptized up in Midland this week! 
It went so well, we got to go up to it, and oh man. It was powerful, I love Baptisms. 

President Shields was there as well and he gave a short talk after the Baptism on living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was cool, he talked about how the Lord doesn't Judge us on how well we do, and how much we do. But he does on the desires of our hearts and how well we apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our life by having Faith, Repenting, being Baptized, Receiving the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. What a wonderful day it was.

In 2 Nephi 4 I learned quite a few cool lessons! I loved how he speaks about his hear "groaning due to his sins" and then he rejoices in his heart because of his forgiveness! He also talks about raising his voice to the Heavens.

Earlier that day, the weather decided to turn and poor rain all day, and it just so happened to be the day all of our appointments fell through! Darn it, we got wet! Soaking wet, but luckily it was the Day of Kat's Baptism so that got us dry for a bit. Our feet were soaked so we dried our socks by hanging them out of the window while we drove. It's been really dry here this summer, apparently it's the worst drought in 75 years. So when the rains came, it flooded tons of houses, we helped pull up some members carpets because of it.

Our Investigators are doing well, the first is Kendra, she's in her 20's and requested a bible a while back, but she's doing super well! She loves reading and is really getting into the Book of Mormon! We also got a referral from a lady named Danette who lives in the middle of nowhere, and she's on vacation this week, but really interested so we are going back next week! Kathy and John are two of our investigators who are doing really well, we saw them this week and Kathy asked for a Chinese Book of Mormon because she didn't understand the English one very well, she's super funny though, they needed help removing wall paper so we went over to help them with that. Kathy told us she was putting on some music, and us thinking, it's probably going to be some like half decent music in the background we could ignore, she puts on some LOUD Emminem, Drake, and a bunch of other Rappers... oh man it was pretty awkward, but funny. They're good friends with a member who came and asked her  to change the music, in fact his exact words were "Kathy, you're polluting the missionaries".

We met this cool guy named Pino last week, he is from Italy, he was working on putting a roof rack on his car so we stopped to help him out! He was awesome, but he hates religion because of all the fraud that takes place in them and he went off on that, so unfortunately he wasn't too interested, BUT, we're going back soon to talk to him again!

That's about it for the Week, I love you all so much! I love this gospel, and I'm very grateful for my Saviour Jesus Christ. It's amazing how loving he is, so much as to forgive us of all our depts, depts we should have to pay for, he paid for out of Love for us! I'll never understand how he could love us that much, all I know is that he does.
Elder Taylor

District Meeting
Goodbye Elder Ryan. 

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