Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fun Times in Mississauga! 9/19/16

Another week has rolled by, crazy to think! It was a grand week however. We were able to see some awesome miracles! Some of the weekly highlights were that of Zone Council and Exchanges! On Thursday morning we had our Zone Council where we talked about Ward Mission plans and how they work, and then we had a big focus on how to work with the ward council and support it! It was really fun to talk about supporting the ward's and branches here! Later that evening we got to go on exchanges! 


Elder Bliss and I are going great, I love him. It's been such a fun week. Transfers are next week so we'll see what happens. I have no Idea what will happen, I've been here a while so i guess we'll see.
I went to Brampton with Elder Carroll and what an awesome time I had down there. Elder Carroll is from AZ and he came out one transfer before me, he is a Mandarin missionary but covers 2 areas, Churchville YSA and Mississauga Chinese. I've served around Elder Carroll a bit but never really got to know him all that well, so I really enjoyed serving along side him for a day and getting to know him. We started the exchange with the Brampton Zone Council, because of exchanges I got to go, and it went so so well. They talked a lot about the Atonement and was a very spiritual meeting! We then went into Mississauga for the day to downtown Mississauga to a huge mall complex called Square One, where we had some appointments. We taught some great people and then had to be back in Brampton for a few appointments, picked up some Panda express real fast, which I haven't had in a long time, and turns out it isn't real chinese food.. haha! But after those meetings we had to go back to Mississauga for a coordination meeting and then back to Barrie. It was a busy busy day for sure! 

Saturday decided to be super rainy, luckily we had our weekly planning, but in the middle of weekly planning we decided to go by a referral that we got from online, so we went over there and he was home. He hadn't been home for a long time, but we were finally able to talk with him! His name is Mornia, He wants to come to church, he is in College right now and is from India. He is Hindu but really wants to learn more about what Christianity is about. It was cool to see how the Lord truly guided us to go see him. The Lord truly works miracles. 

We have been so blessed recently, we are working with 4 different families, which hardly ever happens! I love teaching families, true kingdom builders. 

Callister and Natasha are doing well, we saw them again and when we got there they asked us about Baptism! We talked about it, and set them with a date for the end of October! They weren't able to come to church yesterday but will be coming out this week. They are amazing, I love them!!

John and Kathy had us over for dinner last week and a lesson and Kathy told us how the Book of Mormon and our visits always make her really excited, they are doing so well!

As for 1 Nephi 3, I loved that chapter. I love verse 7, it's so simple yet so true. The Lord always provides ways for us to achieve the commandments and things that he asks of us! Also, I don't see how Laman and Lemuel can see an angel and still murmur. Wow, It shows how important the Holy Ghost is in our lives, it burns a knowledge into our soul of spiritual things. 

Love you!
Elder Taylor

Some P Day hiking. 

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