Thursday, December 1, 2016

Birthday Wishes & BWW 11/28/16

Thank you all so much for the Birthday Wishes! The Birthday was great, we went out and got Buffalo Wild Wings in order to celebrate the day! It was a throw back to the days back home where we'd go get BWW's. 
It was a great Birthday, we also had an awesome experience! We recieved a call from a guy that lives in Draper, he told us about his Mother in Law who was sick, lives here in London, and she wanted a blessing! Her name is Lorna, and she met with the missionaries in Utah when she was there visiting their family. So we went and saw her, she's awesome! Such a nice lady, with such a strong desire to do what's right. Her husband who we didn't meet is a Professional Martial Arts instructor, so we're excited to meet him too. We're looking forward to letting you know what all happens with Lorna! 

On Tuesday we had Brother Woofenden out teaching with us for the evening, he's an awesome guy! He is from Windsor, and grew up in the church! He knows the Book of Mormon like nobody else I've ever met in my whole life. It's insane! He could quote almost anything from it, besides that he's like a walking encyclopedia, he knows so many random things, we call him Trivial Pursuit. :)

Kim is doing awesome! She is working towards Dec. 10th to be baptized, we had an awesome lesson with her this last week where we went over what all needs to happen for her baptism! She's doing really  well and getting super excited! We also have a man named Hesam who just moved to London, he was baptized about  a month ago in Toronto, he is from Iran. He's super cool. The Farsi Elders Worked with him, he walked into the church one day already knowing the Book of Mormon was true! So amazing!

We did some service for an Investigator this week where we took helped move some things to her Daughters house, when we got there we knocked on the door and they opened the door and a plume of smoke the wreaked of Weed flowed out of the room. Inside was everybody in perhaps the messiest/ dirtiest apartment I've every seen, smoking weed out of a Coke Bottle... I didn't even know you could do that but it was so gross.. haha, oh man, the life as a missionary!

I had exchanges with Elder Chu this week, he is from Hong Kong and has been on a mission for 2 months! 
He is in chinese work here in London, so I went with him for the day. We spent the whole day on Buses, which was tons of fun, but I have to give it to all those missionaries who only have buses, I was so tired at the end of the day, and it's hard to contact people on buses. I hope I get to be in a Bus area at some point so that I can learn how to work buses more! We had such a good time, and I learned what it's like to try to teach a lesson in a language you don't speak. I felt useless in the lesson! It was a fun day though, I want to go to Hong Kong someday though, it sounds like such a sweet city!

Because it's the end of the Month, we had to spend our day yesterday doing MCC's which is a terrible monthly report that takes ages to fill out. Glad that's over with, and now I get another month of peace. Hallelujah!
The Church's Christmas Initiative this #LightTheWorld It is focused on following the Savior's example and serving others and has some awesome ways to serve each day of this Holiday season. We're so excited to share it with all of London, and I look forward to hearing about how you all can use it as well. There is an advent calendar on along with the featured video!

I love my Savior, and his example is far beyond any other. I'm grateful to him and his Atoning Sacrifice. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to serve him, in ways that I never imagined, and I pray that you can all feel his love in the way he truly loves you! 

Merry Christmas

Love, Elder Taylor

Lunch on a P-day

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