Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Bit of Davis High in Ontario 11/21/16

Whelp, we knew summer wouldn't last forever! It's been a long one, so we were blessed with what we got. Friday was warm, 18 C. Saturday Cooled down, and by that night we were in a flurry of Snow. We got about 3 inches here in London, and now it feels like straight winter. It's about -1 C today, so not horrible, that's about 30 F.  

I had exchanges with Elder Payne this last week, he's from Taber Alberta, it's got like 8,000 people, and apparently it's half Mormon and half Mennonite. Quite the town in you ask me just thinking about it. We had a good time, they split the ward with us so it was just like being in the same area. We were tracting in this one area, I think he was getting a bit spooked out because he's been out for like 2 weeks and people kept saying "This is a bad part of town, you shouldn't be here". We kept knocking doors and met this really cool Korean couple. She said "Oh Momon!" and we were like yes, then she said "Ummm... Ooootah? We talked for a bit, that's about all she knew but they invited us to come back, so the Elders are going back with a Korean Book of Mormon for them!

Kim is doing very well, we have been meeting with her and she is working towards the first of December for Baptism! We had a couple amazing lessons with her last week, we were teaching her on Tuesday and while teaching her I felt like talking about Tithing, so I was looking for a way to teach that and move into that, the lessons never really let me, so after I was wondering if I had failed to follow the spirit, as the next lesson with her came around, again, I felt the need to teach her tithing, it was amazing that the lesson went from talking about he Book of Mormon directly into Tithing with such ease, and she accepted the principle right off the bat! She's awesome, doing so well, she's been out to church for the last 4 weeks in a row now. We're really excited for her!

Aggie is doing really well also, she is working towards baptism in March, she has a few things we're working on with her right now, she's awesome though. Such a nice Lady! She is Polish so last week she was teaching us about Slovak languages, so languages such as Polish, Slovenian, Ukrainian, and Russian. Apparently, if you place people that speak those languages in the same room they can communicate with each other knowing up to 90% of what the others are saying. Fun fact of the day.

We had dinner with the Young Family this week and we had Russian and Ukrainian cuisine. We had Perogies with Kielbasa and Sour Cream. Perogies are a Ukrainian food, kind of like a dumpling. And Kielbasa is a Russian Sausage, they were delicious. Along with that we had a Russian Mushroom soup which was perhaps some of the best soup I've ever had!

Another interesting food I tried this week is called Ayran, it's a fermented milk drink. Literally it's made of Yogurt, water and Salt. It's nasty, I'm never drinking it again. I got it while we were getting Shawarma the other day.

We went out to the Bridges last Friday to do some service and ended up stacking firewood for 2 hours. Our backs were a bit sore afterwards, but they needed the help! They have Italian Mastiffs and breed them, and they currently have 21 puppies. They are less than a week old now, so when they get a bit older hopefully I'll be able to send you a picture of them. The Mom looks just like Hagrid's dog on Harry Potter.

We were out in Strathroy on Saturday when the snow storm kicked in, and we met Sister Pestana, her family is from Portugal, and she was baptized in the summer of 2014, she is so awesome! Such an amazing women, we are going to be able to see her once a week now and she wants to go back to the temple so we are helping her to work towards that now! After Sister Pestana we went and saw Brother Quaife, he's an older member, who use to be a Stake Seventy, he is obsessed with Rocks and Minerals and started pulling all these rocks out. We had to fight our way out of his apartment practically. Haha :)

Yesterday we were out with Alan, one of the Young Men, teaching in a small town called Newbury. We were praying right before the lesson and Alan was saying it, all of the sudden the town siren starts to go off! (Like the Tornado Sirens in the midwest, or when there is a natural disaster) Elder Certonio and I looked at each other cause we were both freaked out a bit and Alan kept praying. After Alan finished praying we asked him if that freaked him out at all and he just told us that it was the firestation notifying the firefighters they were needed? Weird... 

For dinner last night we had dinner with the Mitchell's, brother Mitchell went to Davis High! In his basement he has the Old Davis High Auditorium seating as well! I got to sit in them and snap a few pics! They're way cool, Dad, Maybe you even sat in those seats. 
In the spirit of Thanksgiving...

I'm grateful for the Gospel, the Bible, The Book of Mormon, a Modern Day Prophet, cars, warm coats, wool socks, Christmas Sweaters, technology, good food, telephones, pens, hot water, ovens, running water, and so so much more! 

Above all, I'm most greatful for all of you!

I love you all and miss you!

Elder Taylor

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