Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hillary or Donald? 11/14/2016

I'm so excited for this Election to be over, you'd never guess how many times a day we hear about it up here in Canada. It's ridiculous! Hopefully it will die down in a reasonable amount of time. Transfers have come and gone now, I'm staying here for another with Elder Certonio, this will be 3 transfers together, awesome! We will only have a 5 week transfer this transfer however in order to make it so that the flights for returning missionaries isn't so expensive because of the Christmas Season! This week was a crazy busy one, last week of the Transfer, along with MLC and Zone Council. The time flew by, so here's a quick rundown of the week.

We have been meeting with our investigator Aggie, she is a Mennonite, but loves the Book of Mormon and knows the Church is true. She basically runs the church she attends so it's a bit complicated there, but we're working on that right now. She is always inviting friends for us to come teach, this week we started to teach 2 of her friends, Dale and Bonnie, and we started to teach her as well. It's been crazy there, different people there every time we show up. It's always the best when others find people for us to teach, I'm sure for all those missionaries and Return missionaries out there they can atest to that. 

Tuesday night we drove down to Brampton to spend the Night for MLC, it was fun. We had our Zone Leader Olympics going on and the Closing ceremony was that night, we talked all about the funny things that had happened and all the awesome miracles that had taken place, we talked about how when we put focuses on things, it helps us to improve and grow as missionaries. It applies to everybody, it's really easy to just go with the same things over and over again, but when one truly tries to change, God helps them to make the Focus a normal part of life, it all works through the Atonement, and is this magical principle called "Repentence". :)

We had MLC all day on Wednesday, we talked about some things like Daily Dose (ESL), Teaching the importance of following up, passing investigators to the correct missionaries (Not "Poaching" investigators), and effective planning. It was an awesome meeting, as most MLC's are! I got called on the night before to be a part of the musical Number, we didn't even practice but it turned out alright!

Thursday wasn't too eventful because we had to plan Zone Council, but we had a couple lessons, one of which was with our New Convert Beverly, and her Boyfriend "Traveling Travis" He's a musician, so we got there and he whipped out the Guitar to show us his "Jams" He gave us a CD with his signiture, it'll be worth Millions someday. We had a good lesson, he told us that he was really starting to consider baptism, which is a huge step since last time he said he isn't going to convert!  

Zone Council went  really well on Friday! We went out afterwards and got Sushi, it's like a tradition to get sushi after we put on a Zone Council. After that we had exchanges, I was with Elder Brand here in London, we had a great time! We saw Aggie, she invited a friend over again, and then we got to go by our investigator Chuck. We hadn't been able to see him in a week, but when we got there he told us that he's been reading the Book of Mormon over Skype with his girlfriend, and that he now believes that this is the true church, and that the Book of Mormon is true. It was a bit of a shocker, but If I know anything, it's that the Book of Mormon is a very powerful tool in bringing other unto Christ! While on Exchanges we went by a Less-active member and ended up finding a neighborhood full of so many Middle-Eastern families. It was super fun, we met people form Iraq, Syria, and Iran. My Arabic and Persian aren't too good so we got a ton of families to take Book of Mormon's in Arabic and Persian too. 

Saturday we went out to Strathroy, which is a small town in our area. We went out with one of the Young Men getting ready to go on a mission, his name is Alan. His brother is serving in Tooele right now. He's awesome, but we saw some members out in Strathroy, it's a beautiful town out there!

Sunday was a great day, it was actually really warm! We had some investigators at church, Kim came out, she's doing really well. She has a Date set for the end of November so we are excited to stay and continue teaching her! For dinner we got to the Hill's. They have a big family, 7 kids. It was crazy, but we had the best steaks I've had since I've been in Canada! Also, on the side note, Kerra came up to the YSA branch on Sunday so we got to see her at church!
I'm grateful this week for modern day prophets and apostles, we are so blessed to have them and to have the restored Priesthood here on the Earth today. I testify that it's true, it is the power of God. Miracles still exist, I've seen them.

Love Elder Taylor

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