Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Happy Halloween 10/31/2016

💀The End of October is here, November is tomorrow! Another month has come an gone! This last week was one for the books, I got to see lots of amazing things this week. We had a dinner out at the Kelly's last week, they are from Birmingham England (Same City as Elder Jones), they served a mission in Samoa, and they now live on Fanshaw lake, it's BEAUTIFUL, Such an amazing piece of property. 
They even finished off the meal with cheese and grapes, I felt like I was back with Elder Jones. Last week we got a call from a member who wanted us to go see his sister in the Hospital, so we made our way to the Hospital, and ended up in the Oncology Unit. It was a powerful opportunity, it ended up being a less-active sister who was in the Hospital, as we gave the blessing you could see the gratitude in her eyes. I'm very grateful to be a Priesthood holder, such an amazing opportunity I have, and how grateful I am! Last week while emailing we got a phone call from a lady asking us if we were a "HillBilly Church" We had no Idea what that was but we invited her to come check out the church, so she caught a bus down to the chapel where we gave her a chapel tour, she was super interested, so we met with her again last week and then she came to church on Sunday! Her name is Kim, and we were even able to set her with a Baptism Date! She's doing awesome! 

I got to go out to Windsor on Exchanges this last week with Elder Brown, he's from Cedar City. We graduated the same year, he has been out for about 8 months on his mission! Before the mission he played Water Polo, and he is super talented with music. He also worked installing solar fields prior to his mission. While in Windsor I got to see Detroit accross the river, "Oh Say can you see"! Beautiful sight.
 While we were down there I got to do the Baptismal Interview for their investigator Kenny, it went awesome! Kenny is from China and has been in Canada for 6 weeks, he met the missionaries his 2nd week here and is being baptized next week, He's doing great! I also got to see Ryan Obrian, who I got to interview for his baptism way back 8 months ago! It was cool to be able to see how well he is doing. 

After District meeting in Chatham, we got to go have lunch with Kerra and a bunch of the members in Chatham. It was fun to see everybody there, Kerra hit her 6 month mark last week which is so amazing to see!

I'm so grateful to be a missionary, to be able to share the glorious gospel with all of our Heavenly Father's children. The Scriptures have taught me a ton, and I am so grateful for them! 

Last week as a zone we all had a pumpkin carving contest too! 
Love, Elder Taylor

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