Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Ancient Chinese Said "Sing Gong Xui Fu Gong"

As the Ancient Chinese once said, Sing Gong Xui Fu Gong. Here's my saying of the week that the Hong Kong Elders taugh me in Cantonese. It basically means that in order to be rich you have to have a rich dad, now they laugh every time I say it. Haha, anyhow this week was really really cool! We had tons of cool experiences, let me first start by talking about 2 Nephi chapter 1-5 however, I read through these and really thought about some of the amazing things it teaches. In chp. 1 verse 5 and 6 it tells of how all those that came to the America's were lead by the Hand of the Lord, as well it talks of how there is punishment affixed with the use of our agency, we are free to choose, but not to choose the eternal punishment. Chapter 3 is amazing as it shows and prophesies of the Coming of the Prophet Joseph Smith, really amazing how many prophsies there actually are of him, so many don't even see them in the scriptures.

We had some great things happen this week and met some awesome people, I want to tell you a bit about all of them! First off, we met this guy named John, his brother is a bishop and his knowledge of the church is amazing for a non-member! He was telling all of these things and he mentioned how the church really amazes him because most churches on the Earth right now are dying but the LDS church is growing at an amazing rate, he said he's definately keeping his eye on the church. We were joking with him and told him he was what we called a "dry Mormon" because he wasn't baptized and he laughed and said maybe someday we would be able to meet with him. We were walking down the street right after that, it was a pretty busy street so we were talking with quite a few people, when we met a girl named Jo-Jo. As we talked I had a thought to pray with her, I pushed it off because it was a super noisy road, hard to hear... anyhow, God taught me a lesson, she ended up asking us to pray with her, so we did and as we walked a way I learned not to disregard even the smallest of promptings.

This week we started teaching Fadi, he is Lebanese, and was being taught a few months ago but went back to Lebanon for a few months, so now he's back and we're working with him again. The one thing that makes it really unique is the fact that Fadi is Deaf. He is amazing at reading lips, so he reads our lips as we speak in order to communicate! It's been quite the experience to say the least! Also, we started to teach a lady named Fiori, she is from Eritrea, which is a country in Africa near Sudan and Ethiopia, they speak a language called Tigrina there. It's been fun to start working with her, hopefully we can get her out to church this next week :)

The weather sure cooled down this week, on Saturday we went up to a place called Corbette to do some service for a member by stacking some wood. We had to stop on the way up to use the washroom so we stopped at a little rest stop near this small lake, it was BEAUTIFUL! 
        wish the pictures of the trees here actually did it justice, it's unbelievable how beautiful it's been. We got to the Irvines and helped them stack wood for their fireplace for the winter, it took us a long time, I'll send you the picture of the wood pile. We had pretty sore backs the next day! :)
We had a member named the Baetz as well call us up, they were moving and had tons of boxes of food they were getting rid of, so we picked it up and found all sorts of expired food in it. For example, some 9 year expired baking chocolate, let's just say the cookies we made with them weren't very good.....

Now, the reason for the name of the email is this, last week the Assistants all texted us and told us about a 2 week competition between all the Zone Leaders. It's called the Mission Olympics and it's been so crazy! We've had challenges such as inviting as many people to be baptized as possible to asking everybody for referrals. It's been tons of fun, we aren't in first right now but we're going to take it. Right now we have a Gold Medal and a Bronze. It ends next week!

This week was great, I love the Gospel and I'm so grateful for it. It's an amazing opportunity to be a missionary! I love you all and wish you the best of week!

Love, Elder Taylor


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