Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Perk for Canada....another Thanksgiving!

​The best part of serving a mission in Canada is that you get 2 thanksgivings a year. Maybe not the best part, but it's definitely a perk. This week was so good, many great things happening! One of the Sisters in the Ward we see every week is Sister Antoinette, she is an old Italian lady, so so funny! Anyhow, it was really funny because she gave us Cookies and Chocolate milk, we started to eat the cookies and dipped them in the milk, all I though at first was "These Cookies taste super weird..." Then I took a sip of the milk and realized the chocolate milk was bad.. really really bad, it was nasty. I looked over at Elder Certonio, and he started to giggle a bit. After a while Elder Certonio took his chocolate milk off the table and said he had to use the washroom and rushed to dump his, I started to laugh, but luckily Sister Antionette thought we were laughing about her story so she started to laugh too. It was hilarious, all 3 of us were cracking up, the best part is, she never even found out the milk was bad. :)

On Wednesday we had skills and interviews with President and Sister Shields, it's always fun to be able to have interviews with the Shields, for lunch we went to a place called "Boss Hogs"

which is a really good BBQ place, following the meeting we had dinner with our investigator Bethany, we also have been talking about Temples a lot with Bethany, she is awesome. She has been investigating the church for quite a while now, I taught her when I was in Chatham on exchanges here in London, she's doing so great now though, she comes to church and loves it. We also waxed her car for her this week, first time I've every hand waxed a car, luckily it was the simple spray on stuff. Hopefully she'll be getting baptized soon. Also, Chatham had a baptism last weekend, so awesome to see that Branch growing, Kerra is doing awesome there as well!

The YSA sisters met this awesome guy named Shakuur this last week, he is from Somalia, such a cool guy. He is a Muslim, but we got to start teaching him, he basically really wants us to join Islam, but he started to read the Book of Mormon, so we'll let that perform it's magic and let the spirit take it's course, we'll see him again at the end of this week!

 We got a call on Saturday from a Sister who served here but has been home for about Nine months, she was in town and we were supposed to see one of her New Converts that day so she asked if she could come with us, We went over to see him and helped him set a date for going to the Temple! So cool! We finished our lesson and her mom asked if we had dinner plans, we didn't so she told us to follow them and they took us out to this sweet restaurant! It's called Burrito Boyz, I got a super good Quesadilla, not real Mexican food but still good! We also stopped by our New Convert Beverly and met her son and daughter in Law, the picture below is of her dog Compton, he's like 120lbs, he's huge and he thinks he's a lap dog. 

Church was a blast, it was weird to be in a big ward again (Still not a Utah Ward, but really big for Ontario) Close to 230 people! For Thanksgiving, it was a great day! We started off by seeing Sister Antoinette, no bad milk this time, then we had lunch. We went to see a member in the Hospital named Brother Angus, then we went to see one of the Members, Anjel, he's from Mexico, such an awesome guy! We showed up expecting to share a short message but he had made a late lunch for us, so after eating Juevos con Salsa rojo, super good! We then went and had thanksgiving with the Young Family, they are brilliant, they speak like 8 languages. Within their family they speak Spanish, French, English, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. Crazy eh!? Anyhow, after an awesome dinner we went to help the Baetz family move a few things. Overall, a great week! 

We also slept out on the Balcony the other night, it was super cold! Holy Cow

That's about it for this week, I love you all!

Elder Taylor

We found a castle. 

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