Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Other London 10/03/2016

What a crazy week, so busy, we were all over the place, rushing trying to get things done, glad the week is over, that's for sure! I'm here in the London first ward now, which is crazy big compared to everywhere else I've been the ward has 235 active members, looking forward to working with so many members! London has about 400,000 people, it has a lot of cultural diversity, there are a lot of people from the Middle East as well as many from China and Hong Kong. Basically, there are people here from all over the world. The road system is super hard to learn, it seems like the roads run every which direction, I don't think they planned the roads here. There are quite a few missionaries in London itself, we split the London 1st ward with another set of Elders, they are in a Tripan. The London 2nd ward has some sisters in it, the London YSA has a set of Sisters, and there is a tripan on Hermana's for the Spanish Branch along with 2 Hong Kongis Elders in Mandarin Work. We live in the same apartment building as the Elders, which is lots of Fun! The Mandarin Elders don't have a car so we drive them around a lot, we made a rule this morning that they aren't aloud to speak Mandarin or Cantonese in the car because we think they are talking behind our backs :)

I got to London on Tuesday and that night I ended up coming down with a Cold, then Elder Certonio got it so we have been fighting off a cold all this week, we've been pounding cough drops and Advil all week, we're finally starting to get on top of all of it. Thank Goodness.

We had quite a bit of excitement on Friday, Thursday night we drove down to Bradford and spent the night with the Kitchener Zone Leaders. We got to wake up at 4:30am to drive to Brampton to go to the temple! 

Wahoo! It was awesome, I actually found some family names on Grandpa Paul's side of the family, so I got to do one and had Elder Certonio do one. It was on the Pools line. Following our temple trip we had MLC, where we had a meeting all afternoon, talked a lot about applying some of the things our mission has been focused on, after dealing with some administration things we drove home and didn't get home until 9pm. It was a long day to say the least!

General Conference was AMAZING! I loved it so much, it was such an amazing meeting. It was awesome to hear from President Monson, he said so little but it ment so much. We were surprised to Hear President Monson speak on the Word of Wisdom in Priesthood session. That was quite the surprise. I really enjoyed Elder Bednar's talk, I thought it was very inspiring! There was also a lot of focus on members doing missionary work. I loved it! 

This week we are going to go out and find tons of people to teach, we have a few that I haven't been able to teach yet because of last week's craziness. 

I'm so grateful for the Gospel! It's so amazing, as I listened to General Conference, I truly felt the spirit testify of the truthfulness of this gospel once again! I love the Gospel so much, and I'm so grateful for it in my life!

Love, Elder Taylor

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