Monday, September 14, 2015

Biyaya (Blessings) & Balute

What on Earth, Happy Birthday Lauren!! Can't Believe you are 16! That's insane! Sounds Like everything is going great back home! Everything here is great, We are seeing so many miracles here, day after day! Yesterday we had 7 Investigators at Church!!! Wahoo!!!!!!!! I love seeing people at church, it really is like receiving a present! This week was crazy, finding time to eat was even hard!

The temperatures dropped this week from 30 degrees to 13 degrees (Celcius) which made it pretty chilly! The Humidity really makes it bone chilling here, so Hopefully I won't freeze too bad
! We have been running in the mornings to help us wake up and prepare for the day more, and it's so cold in the mornings! I feel like a pansy because it's not even that cold, but compared to the blistering heat, it's cold! 

Dad, you wrote me last week about Balute, a Filipino delicacy. Well guess what, I had it on Saturday! Let me explain Balute as best as I can, basically it's a Duck or a Chicken Fetus that is hardboiled! It tastes like a pungent hard boiled egg mixed with a chicken, which is exactly what it is. The taste isn't what gets you though! It's the smell when you crack the egg and the texture! You can literally feel the bones and feathers, it's not so pleasant! The Acorda's made them for us and made us eat both a chicken and a duck egg, where did my agency go? Like what on earth, you never realized how big Duck eggs are until you're staring down Duck Balute. Along with that lovely adventure we had Sinagong, which is a stew made out of Basa fish! Basically if you layed a fish on the table and chopped it up and threw it in a pot full of chicken broth and green beans, that is basically Sinagong! It's super good! Also, Filipinos make vegetables taste super good!

Enough about Food! I want to talk about the people we have been working with! We met with our Newest investigator Adam this week and he told us he was quiting smoking! We haven't even taught him the Word of Wisdom yet :) He is doing so great and we meet with him 2-3 times a week! We also set a Baptismal date of October 4th for him this week! I extended the invitation not even realizing that was the same day as General Conference! He is doing awesome and progressing so much each and every day! We met with him for the first time in his apartment and it turns out he use to be a National Champion Motocross rider! He has all these awesome trophies and titles in his apartment! He got mixed up in some stuff that has really affected his life, but it's amazing how the Gospel has been helping him to overcome some of those trials he's been faced with!

Rocky, MJ, and Setti are continuing to progress! They come to church every week, keep commitments, it's so awesome! It's hard to teach them though because we don't cover as much in each lesson because of the Language barrier, but that's okay, because the Lord provides and it's in his time, not ours! We got them started with Family History this week which i'm stoked about! 

We met with Alanso and Mercedes finally this week! We haven't been able to meet with them for 2 weeks because they were on vacation! They have been doing so so well and Mercedes is praying about a Baptismal date! That is awesome! She just wants to make sure she gets baptized for herself and not because Alanso wants her to! Hopefully this time Tomorrow they will have a Baptismal Date! Yes! 

We met with Rosemary this week, she is the lady that we helped with her car that is from Niger! It was really cool to see her desire to get involved in a church that would really help her family out! She isn't able to come to church until November though because she goes to school in Toronto every weekend until November! She is solid, and in the middle of our lesson with her this week her Brother showed up! He joined in on the lesson and we were able to give him a copy of the Book of Mormon also and invited him to read and pray about it! Miracles miracles miracles

At a meal appointment this week we showed up and Sister McCahon had invited her two neighbors over! We had a great dinner and shared the message of the Book of Mormon! They said we could meet sometime in the future and talk more! He told us that we shouldn't pray out loud though because Satan can hear us if we pray out loud. Ummm... Some people have some weird interpretations of the bible.

Last story, Last night we were out tracting and we met a guy named Mike. He let us into his house, gave us a drink and some fresh tomatoes from his garden and thanked us for spreading the good word. He was awesome, he actually is recovering from a Heart Transplant and said we could swing by anytime and say Hi! We gave him a Book of Mormon and he was so appreciative of it! I really cannot even express the Christlike Love that Mike has, He is an amazing man and I hope that we are able to meet with him to share the message of the Restored Gospel with Him! 

I decided I'm going to leave commitments for all of you this week because I love giving people commitments. So this week I want to invite you all to make the Sabbath Day more Holy! It's such an important thing! It really is a day set aside to bless our lives and our families! Read Exodus 31, it talks about it :)

Well, that's about it for this week! I love you all so much!!!!

Love, Elder Taylor

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