Monday, September 7, 2015

Goede Morgen 09/07/2015

Goede Morgen means Good Morning in Dutch, not sure if It's considered morning still but oh well! Goede Avond means good Evening but it's not evening yet either! :) Miracles miracle miracles this week in Burlington! I can't even express the love that I have for this wonderful area! I hope your Labor Day is going just dandy, Canadians love their holidays, like, Walmart is shut down today, I'm pretty sure Walmart is even open on Christmas back in the States! We had to have our Preparation Day today because transfers are tomorrow! Hopefully we have enough food that we can make it through the week because we can't find a grocery store that's open today! Hurrah! Haha! We get fed here by the members so much that we hardly buy anything at the grocery store anyways! 

I know that you are all wondering if I'm getting transfered or if Elder McKinnon is getting transfered, and I'm happy to say that we are both staying here! Although, Elder McKinnon is the new District Leader, which means I will get to go on a lot more exchanges! Woot woot! Exchanges are a blast, and I learn so much from all of the other Missionaries! We have been looking over our numbers and we have like 9 investigators working to Baptism, and 4 other investigators! Holy Guacamole, that's insane if ya don't know!

This week we got to teach the Agustin family again! Man, I love their lessons, they are so much fun! We had Sister Acoba translate for us, and she translated into Ilocano, which is a dialect of Tagalog! We also had dinner with them, Filipino dinners are my favorite by the way, and we had Adobo! It basically just really good Chicken!

We met a guy this week who's name is Adam, he is so cool! We met him on his way home from an AA meeting, and taught him the Plan of Salvations at Tim Hortons, Tom Hortons is basically Canada's Starbucks. He is so awesome!! He even came to church on Sunday and commented in Class! 

Last week we were travelling when we noticed a lady stopped on the side of the road with her hazards on. We stopped to see if we could help her out and she said "yes". We weren't able to help her get her car started or anything so she called a tow truck and we left. We felt the prompting to go back and give her a Book of Mormon, so we did, and ended yo push the car out the road into someones driveway that had told her she could leave it there until she got her friend to tow her. We got her a ride home with a member that lived close by and she invited us over on Tuesday because she was looking for a good church to raise her family in!! So many blessings!

We were supposed to meet with an investigator but it fell through so we went down the street and did some contacting in the area. We were walking up to this home last night when I saw the guy in his window. I immediately knew we were going to be let into his house! We knocked on the door and let alone, he let us in! The Spirit was so strong and it had reminded him of his youth when he was active in his church! He kept asking how he could get back to the way he had been and he wants us to come back to help him learn more! It was so cool how the spirit touched his heart last night, I know that I had nothing to do with it, because it seemed like I barely said anything. It really is such a blessing to see how the spirit touches lives, and reminds people of what they once knew!

I had the most interesting experience this week while giving a blessing this week. We got a referal a few weeks ago about a lady who wanted a blessing, but isn't a member. We got ahold of her and she had us over yesterday! We were explaining priesthood blessings and we asked her who she wanted to give the blessing, and she was like "Can I use a pendulum to decide"... Ummm... Sure? She gets this weird pendulum and walks over to us and holds it up. It starts swinging and doing weird things and when she pointed it at a member we brought it just stopped. She held it up to me ago and said it was me? I'm still confused about the situation. I love the people here. :)

Today we had a ward picnic that we went to and everybody kept asking why we weren't in our "P-Day Clothes". I don't think people realized that P-Day isn't a day we stop being missionaries. It's a day we prepare for the week, not lounge around all day in comfy clothing. We also met a guy who is less active and he asked us how long we had been in Burlington. Elder McKinnon said "Since May" and he was like "Man, I gotta get to church more often". People, go to church! It's so important, if you aren't going to church you WILL fall away!

Saturday was the Mission temple trip so we all got to go to the Temple and do a session! Ah man do I love the temple! Take advantage of the Temple, it's an amazing blessing! 

I think that is all for this week!!! I love you all! 

Elder Taylor

D&C 82:14

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