Wednesday, December 23, 2015

It's Going To Be A Sunny Canada Christmas 12/21/15

Merry Christmas, can't believe it is Christmas this week, where has the time gone! Dang! Well, It finally snowed last week! Like, it snowed maybe like an inch, but it at least snowed here. But, this morning it is raining and like 7 degrees (Celcius), so who knows what is up with Canada!? I never thought in Canada we would have a sunny Christmas, but that's what it looks like is going to happen. Anyways, we are headed to Niagara Falls today with the Aitchision's, Elder Jone's barely slept last night because he was so excited for Niagara Falls! 

On Monday night we left behind Preparation day to stop by a potential and work around him, it was amazing! We ended up finding a lady who was interested in the Christmas video and ended up inviting us back on in the week. When we went by again later in the week she wasn't home but we were able to teach her husband who was home about the restoration and he invited us to come back again! It was amazing! But, on Monday after talking with her we knocked on a door and nobody came to the door, and just before we stepped off the porch a huge rainstorm came down. We stopped for just long enough to look at our plans because our next plan was to be out Contacting some people on the street and the man who hadn't answered his door came outside.His name is Richard and we ended up teaching him the restoration on his porch and we have been able to meet again with him since! When we went by again, he invited us in and he was doing a Christmas Craft with his 6 year old Daughter, she told her Dad when we knocked on the door "There are 2 very nice men at the door for you?" He said he knew exactly who it was :)  He is a single dad with 5 kids and we are hoping to get his kids involved next time we go.

Church Yesterday was incredible!! Man, we had 7 investigators there with us, and 11 Less- Active members! It was amazing to see how the Christmas spirit reaches out to everybody. We don't have any scheduled Baptisms right now at the moment, but we are going to try to get Alanso and Mercedes set with a new Baptismal Date so that they can work towards that. We found out basically what the concern was and next time we meet we are going to try to help him see how the Gospel with Bury the concern.

Starting in March the MTC stay for all English missionaries is going to change back to 3 weeks, not sure exactly why, it's probably for the best, I'm just glad I got to be the lucky 12 day MTC stay group! I loved the MTC, but man, It was nice to get out of there. Can't believe it's been like 5 months since there. I'm almost at 6 months so I can't use the excuse of "I'm new" kinda stinks, but It's also good because I know what is going on now

I learned this week the Jehovah's Witnesses really know the Bible, we had a Jehovah's Witness invite us into his home and he thrashed us with the bible. They interpret the bible really weird however, and use a New World Translation which pretty much gets rid of all credibility. It makes sense however what their religion is based on because they HATE blind faith, they think there needs to be physical evidence for all things. 


I love you all and am super excited to talk on Christmas!

Love Elder Taylor

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