Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Let's meet for JUICE 01/24/2016

Another Great week here in Chatham! Our Investigator Dorian is doing very well, he was even able to make it out to Church on Sunday! He is awesome, and a really fun guy to work with, we meet again with him on Wednesday, and we are excited to keep meeting with him and helping him to find truth for himself!

I've become very familiar with this town over the past couple weeks! Something I've learned is that there are train tracks all over here, they run right through the center of town, so there are always people waiting for trains! Also, something else I've found very strange, nobody uses their front doors, and they all use side doors and back doors as their front doors, I don't get it, but there are signs on a ton of doors that say "Use side door".

On Wednesday we had a world wide Mission Broadcast that came in from SLC. They spoke, and by they I mean a bunch of general authorities, on the importance of member missionary work, teaching simply, and relying on the spirit. It was such a wonderful meeting! I also got to give a talk yesterday in church on "Teaching Children" Ummmmm... wierd topic for a missionary, so I decided to focus on teaching Children to do Missionary work by setting examples... :) It went super well, and I was able to use some awesome examples from the scriptures like the 2000 stripling warriors and King Benjamin's address!

Friday was a great day as well, it started off with my first district meeting, which went way better that I was expecting it to go, we talked about Inviting people to Baptism, and we all learned some awesome things about the importance of the invitation to Baptism! We then had the first of many exchanges. Elder Morby came to Chatham with me, Elder Morby is from Liberty Utah, he is 21 and has been out on his mission for a little over a year! He is a solid missionary, he taught me a lot about teaching by the spirit, you can tell whenever he speaks how sincere he is about the things he says, sometimes I think I just blabber, so that's something that I want to work on that I learned from him! For some reason we kept having people open doors not wearing pants or in robes while on exchanges, so everybody, please never open the door without being fully dressed, it is awkward. :)

While Contacting downtown a few nights ago, we had a guy come running down the street yelling at us, his name is Jake and he actually wanted to speak with us, he had met with missionaries years ago and had some questions! We answered some of his questions and talked for a bit and invited him out to church! He even came to church and when he asked if we wanted to meet over "Coffee" we told him we don't drink Coffee and Tea so he said, "Fine, how about we meet over "Juice". Hahaha, he has quite the sense of humor, so we are meeting with him this week to teach him about the Word of Wisdom! It's going to be a sweet lesson! 

While traveling back from Windsor after exchanges we stopped in a town called Pain Court to do some tracting. Pain court is a tiny town with a really big Catholic church which you can see form every part of the town, it reminded me of the great and spacious building :)

Well, that's about it for this week, because Preparation day here we don't get together with other missionaries, we are headed to the Native Reserve to carve fish with Brother Smith, haha, basically all we do on p-days is carve fish and play guitar :)

Love you all!

Elder Taylor

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