Thursday, June 16, 2016

Barrie is Awesome 6/13/16

What a fantastic week indeed! Barrie is treating me great! 

We were blessed to see so many cool miracles this week as we went out! I got to give a Baptismal interview last Monday with Todd P. Who lives in Midland, he is an awesome kid! He was Baptized yesterday in Midland! 

Update on our Investigators, they are doing super well! We taught Marlin quite a few times this week! She is from Acapuco, Mexico. Sometimes she speaks Spanish to us, and my 2 years of high school Spanish i've realized didn't help me a lot. I think I learned more Spanish in Costa Rica then in my entire time in School. The gift of tongues is real. Anyways, she is doing really well, and wants to be baptized, she says that this actually feels right, she has been searching out truth a lot and feels that his may be it!

Taylor is doing well, she wasn't able to come to church but she is diligently searching the scriptures. She found 2 scriptures that contradicted in the Book of Mormon last week and was asking why. I had no Idea, but we had Sister Lofters with us and she was like, "That's because it is Nehor speaking, and he was and anit-christ telling false doctrine". Hallelujah for members! She saved the lesson! She should be at church this week, and we are seeing her again tonight! 

David, our other Mexican investigator who is a foreign exchange student is living with one of the members of our ward. We met with him on Friday and he basically told us the story of Joseph Smith down to Moroni appearing 3 times and then his only question was "What would Joseph Smith be tempted to do like it says in the Introduction?" He is awesome and super smart! He said he wasn't ready for church yet, but that was a cool story about what happened! We were supposed to have Marlin and Taylor at church but they both weren't able to make it, so we didn't have any investigators at church, all of the sudden, David walks in with the Jimenez family and we talked to him afterwards and he said they invited him out that morning and he decided to come! Sooooo cooool! 

I had Exchanges with Elder McDougal up in Midland last week, it was so good! I love Midland! It's a small town about 40 minutes north of Barrie! We rode the Bikes the entire day and met with all sorts of people! Elder McDougal is a straight stud, he's been out for 4 months now. He is from Peema, Arizona. We met their investigator Ed, who is Bahi, if you want to learn about an interesting religeon, look it up. They believe Christ has already come again in the form of a man named Baha-Ola.

also had exchanges with Elder Nugent here in Barrie! He is an outstanding missionary! He is diligent, loving, obedient, everything! He keeps going and going! He is from Mapleton, Utah, and something really cool about him. His Dad and Grandpa were the first members baptized in Jamaica! I'm super grateful to have been with him. We had a cool experience, we had about 2 hours of finding time that we split up between a couple former investigators and the first one, nobody was home, so we worked the area. It seemed like nobody would talk to us, and door after door, person after person kept rejecting. After a while, we moved onto the next former, He wasn't home either, BUT we talked with all of his neigbors! And were able to find 2 new investigators, and quite a few potentials! It was cool to see that it was inspired planning, and reminded me that the without the Lord, we can't do this!

Last night we had dinner with a Member who was telling us about how she had visions, we have an investigator who has been having visions and hasn't been able to get them under control. It's a crazy situation, anyways, it's awesome because now she is coming teaching with us to help our investigator. You learn some crazy stuff about the World as a missionary.

I'm so grateful for the Gospel, I know that God Lives and his son Jesus Christ truely did come to the Earth and die for us! We have modern day prophets, the skies are open, and miracles still happen today! The Book of Mormon is true, and the Plan of Salvation is perfect, it rests upon the Atonement of our Savior, and through him, we can conquer death, because he already has!

Love you all, keep doing good!

Elder Taylor

Joshua 3:5

"And Joshua said unto the people, sanctify yourselves: for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you"

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