Friday, June 10, 2016

Did Toby Send Ya? 6/6/15

Wow, what a great week we had this week! It was super busy, but has been so great! After emailing last P-Day we decided to go on a hike here in Barrie, so that is exactly what we did! 

We found a sweet trail here, and spend a few hours hiking around, the mosquito's were crazy however, if you stopped you would get swarmed by them! 

It was really nice to get out into Nature however and enjoy it! 

Today we are headed up to Midland with some of the Elder's in the Zone for Lunch with one of the Senior Couples and to go hiking again! The Weather is beautiful now for hiking, except the humidity and bugs, besides that though it's wonderful! We had dinner last week with with one of the New Converts, Toby McLaughlin, and had a lesson afterwards with him and his family! We taught the Plan of Salvation, and right at the end all of the sudden like 10 nerf swords came out of nowhere and it turned into a war in the midst of us! The kids were hitting Toby, and Toby was hitting the kids and their Daughter was hitting us! Everybody was laughing, it reminded me of something that would have happened back home!

Tuesday morning we met with Carrie, who we had an awesome lesson with, where she accepted a baptism date in July to work towards! She is agnostic and trying to find if God is there, but she committed to get work off on Sundays so that she can come to church so she can truely find out! She is amazing, and her two son's love when we come over, so we are going to try to teach them as well! We also met Marlin, our Mexican Investigator and talked about the Book of Mormon some more, she has been reading it and really coming to love it so much! On Tuesday night we had an awesome lesson, with "Darn it-Garnett". Now he is a referral from Toby, and Toby told us to go to the side door of this house and knock on the door and when he answered, ask him if Darn It-Garnett is home. So that is exactly what we did, and when he answered he said "Did Toby send ya?" Man, it was awesome! Garnett is from Jamaica, and we sat down with him and his girlfriend Shelley and talked about why we have trials! They both are going through some pretty big things right now, and we are meeting with them again today. When we were talking, Shelley asked us how we can be so hopeful when the world is a horrible place, and of course, we responded "Because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!" We are really excited for the two of them! After meeting with them we drove down to Brampton to spend the night for MLC the next morning!

MLC on Wednesday was outstanding! It was President Clayton's last MLC, and the spirit there was so strong. We learned a lot of things to continue to work with the Members here in Ontario. That is a big thing that our mission is focused on, because missionary work isn't about members helping missionaries, but all of us working together and us helping the members with their work! After that we had to rush home to plan Zone Council for the next day!

Zone Council on Thursday went really well! The spirit was so strong, man, I love my Zone! Such wonderful missionaries! We had Exchanges after and I was with Elder Davis for the Day in Barrie! He is from Salim, Utah! A really awesome missionary, who has been out for 18 months! He is serving in New Market which is about 45 minutes south of here on the Southern part of Lake Simcoe! It went super well, we had Dinner with Brother Slingsby who has one of the best handle-bar mustaches you'll every see! We met with the Dadd-Dowlat's on Thursday night, to teach Angel their daughter who is almost 8. Her Dad asked us to teach her the lessons so we have been doing that with their family!

After our Exchange we had some awesome lesson's with Marlin and then we had dinner with the Jiminez family where we had a Guatemalan/Filipino feast! They have a foreign exchange student living with them from Mexico who we started to teach, he is Catholic and said he will die catholic, but that's what they all say. I'm sure Nic has some experience with that one! Haha, we are excited for friday to meet with him again!

Saturday we did some Service for a Sister in the Ward and had a few people we were able to go by and meet, not too busy a day. We had to do Weekly planning as well!

On the wonderful Sabbath day, we were able to meet with our Investigator Taylor, who had ton's of questions, but is loving the Book of Mormon and loves to Pray! She should be at Church next week! 

That is a quick run through of the week! It was a great time!

Love you all!

Elder Taylor

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