Monday, June 20, 2016

Hot Temps = More People To Teach

What a beautiful day it is out today, but boy is it hot. Not sure how hot it is supposed to get but it's already 30 C out there and it just keeps getting hotter and hotter. We had a really good week overall, it's nice when it's hot because there are so many more people to talk to. This week we went to the Mandarin with Sister Reeves and her friend Ryan, we had a really good meal and a short powerful lesson, Ryan has a really cool life story and has gone through a lot over the past few years! We are going to start to work with him, the sisters have been working with his wife Crystal. We took the bikes out on on Tuesday all day, and talked with everybody. We met this super awesome guy named Nick, who set an appointment with us for the next day. When we went over to Nick's house we walked in and the home screamed "Catholic". Pictures of the Pope, Mary, and Jesus showered the walls. We had a super amazing lesson about the Restoration with them, Nick is actually about to begin studies at Georgian college for Aboriginal Arts, so the Book of Mormon is really interesting to him! Anyways, we continued on the bikes and found ourselves on the opposite side of town at 8:35pm. We had to hoof it back across town, and made it back to our apartment at 8:59. Just in time, it was a miracle!

We were in Brampton on Thursday and Friday for Exchanges with the Assistants, Elder Holt came out with Elder McKinnon and I. We had a great day, and met a ton of awesome people! We spent some time in Toronto looking for a less-active member and then stopped by a kid who Elder McKinnon taught in Toronto when he was there. We were able to sit down and talk with him. He was never baptized because he was only 16 at the time, but he turns 18 next month and wants to get baptized! They are now working with him again!

Yesterday we had a really good day, and we had dinner with the Thompson's. We had a very interesting salad made out of Watermelon, Cucumbers, lime, feta cheese, and mint. It freaked me out looking at it but it was surprisingly good. I really enjoyed it a lot! 

Our Investigators are doing really well, Carrie is doing really well. She is working on finding out if God is there, and we are trying to help her feel of God's love for her as his daughter. Marlin came to church yesterday and really loved it! We are super excited for her, she goes back to mexico for a couple months in July so we are trying to figure out what will be best for her at the moment! David is doing really well, we won't be able to meet with him this week because he has final exams and said he is too busy, but he said if he came to know that what we shared was true he would be baptized! 

I hope all is going so well for you! Always remember the power of the Gospel, I love the Gospel. As I put my trust in the Lord, I've been able to feel of God's love and I'm so grateful to be able to share the Gospel with all those here in Ontario! 

Love you all so very much!

Elder Taylor

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