Sunday, August 14, 2016

Getting The Fire Back! 7/25/16

Alright, let's start with Scripture studies! It was a great time, I love the Book of Enos, here's a BRIEF rundown of what I learned! First, Enos is taught of the "Nurture and Admonition of the Lord" Really cool because he understands that God wants us to learn so he will correct us, but he does it out of a Love for us!" Then in verse 2, Enos Wrestles with God and THEN recieves a remission of his sins. I think this is key to remember that just because Christ died for our sins, doesn't mean that repentence is hard and painful. It's like the analogy of a diamond. Diamond is made by taking a piece of Carbon and compressing it and heating it to extreme conditions. Just like us, from these conditions we grow and become better. Verse 8, Enos recieved a remission of his sins due to his Faith in Christ, and he is told to "Go on" which simply is to say, move on. Don't look back, now press forward. Looking back on our mistakes doesn't do anything but fill us with Regret. Verse 12, he prayed with all diligence, in PMG it talks about how prayer (sincere) should take a great effort! Verse 20 is really crazy, he describes the wickedness of the Lamanites, they sounds mean and wicked indeed, in fact, so wicked that they only eat raw meat. What kind of people are these! Verse 27 is my favorite, because it shows Enos' knowledge of the Plan of Salvation and his complete trust and faith in it!

I started off the Week with an exchange with Elder Olsen down in Owen Sound. It was tons of fun, Owen Sound is a very touristy place, and out in the middle of nowhere, 2 hours from Barrie! Elder Olsen is from Price, UT and has been on his mission for a month, oh man was it fun! It made me realize how boring I've become as a missionary, I want the fire back I had at the beginning of my mission. We had a good time, and even found a street called Alma street that we tracted! We spent a lot of time in the car which was too bad, It stinks because you can't talk to people very easily when you're in the car.

Later in the week we had exchanges down in Brampton with the Assistants, that was tons of fun! We spent most the day in Toronto. I love being in the City, such a cool place to be! We were in Weston, which is the west end of Toronto and on a street called Jane St, which is know for all the Jamaicans. Me and Elder Holt were the only white guys on the entire street. Welcome to Toronto.

An update on all that we're working with, Kat, who we have been meeting with ended up moving to Midland last minute, which was a heartbreak for us, but the Midland Elders have been really helping her now, she is workin towards Baptism on August 13th, so we are excited for her! She's doing really really well.

We met with Garnett and Shelly last night and they committed to come to church in 2 weeks, it was amazing. They've been through a lot, and really have some hard questions, the spirit of the lesson really helped them to recognize their need for the gospel. Garnett is really really funny, while talking last night Shelley said she was "The Black Sheep" in her family and Garnett (He's Jamaican) was like "NOOO! I"M THE BLACK SHEEP!" It was really funny, good guy.

We started teaching a young guy named Chhina, he is Sihk and from Punjab India, they're fun to work with because they don't know much about Christ and it's cool to see someone learn about Christ for the very first time!

Well, I loved this week, and I love you all so much. Have a blessed week and a good time with whatever path you take this week!

Love, Elder Taylor

We also enjoyed Korean BBQ last week, yummmmm

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