Sunday, August 14, 2016

OK August Here We Go 8/02/16

What a great week, Mom and Dad, it was cool to see your pictures and read all about your trip! It sounds like you are all having a very good time up there! Beautiful sights indeed! I'm sure it was nice to get away. As for Lauren and Jac, I hope that Trek was the best thing ever, I loved it so much and hope that you found it absolutely amazing! Sorry I forgot to pick a family scripture for last week, I'll try to remember each week. I was thinking that maybe we could read Alma 36 This week?

This week was good, but pretty slow. Things really slowed down for some reason, I don't really know why. People have been on vacation and busy so a lot of our appointments didn't go through. Everybody right now that is here however keeps talking about how we need rain. It's really dry right now, and by dry it's still humid but it hasn't rained. All the lawns are dying, especially because people don't have irrigation systems here.

Kat is doing really well, and she is getting baptized up in Midland next week. Her interview is this weekend and she is looking good for her Baptism. We're really excited for her, not sure if we will be able to go or not yet. We have to ask for permission still. Fingers crossed that we can go! :)

We had exchanges this week and Elder Shepherd came here with me in Barrie, it was an awesome time. He injured his foot so he is on crutches, so I felt bad for him because he had to hobble all day.

Yesterday we met a big group of guys on the street that told us they were all gay and were asking about what our views on Homosexuality is. We talked for quite a while, and even committed one of them to come to church on Sunday. Sounds like he should be coming! Haha, so awesome! We have 6 investigators committed already for church this week, so looking forward to people finally coming out to church! It'll be a great change to see! :)

Sorry my email is so short this week. I'll write a lot more next week! Love you!

Elder Taylor

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