Sunday, August 14, 2016

OK Kat When Are You Getting Baptized? 07/18/16

We had a really awesome Week and I'm going to skip ahead to such a crazy miracle, it started my 2nd week here in Barrie when we met Kat, a former investigator who wasn't ready for the Gospel, I specifically remember when we met her, I knew that she would be baptized at some point. Well, 3 months later, we got a phone call from her, she had been going through some hard times and she really needed some help! We met with her, talked, and committed her to come to church to find some guidance, She did, and at church we sat down and talked with her with a member who said "Okay Kat, when are you getting Baptized" We set a date right then for her, and she is doing really really well! She is willing to give up everything this time around, and she truly is prepared now. It's amazing to see how the Lord continues to prepare people, at all times! We are really excited for her!

Yesterday we went by our Good friend Garnett, who was sitting outside on his gravel driveway with his cat. He's awesome. Anyways, we sat down in the dirt with him and Kiana (His cat) and had a nice talk with him about how he is doing and everything. He expressed how ever since we've been coming around he has had a lot of things go a lot better for him in he life! He was in a rough place, and now he is beginning to get on top of everything. He's Jamaican, and in Jamaica they speak English but they also have a ton of Slang that they use like "Wag Wan" so he's always saying that to people. It's funny!

We got to do some Service for a member this week and it was crazy hot 34 degrees, and they wanted us to pull some bushes up. It was like trimming back a jungle and uprooting a redwood! It's crazy how hard it is to pull up a bush. In fact it took us 2 hours just to get the two bushes up. Also, I don't think i've ever been that hot in my entire life.

Thursday we had skills and interviews with President and Sister Shields! It was so good! President and Sister Shields are wonderful. I love them so much. President Shields is a scriptorian. He went through Alma 53-57 and made them so interesting. I learned a lot from those chapters that i'd never even thought of!

One of our Returning members got married this last Saturday, and it was the first wedding I've ever been too! It was actually really awesome, when the groom walked down the aisle, they played some rock song, I felt like I was at a rock concert instead of a wedding.

Well, that's about it for the week, I'm headed out to an all you can eat Korean BBQ place. I love the food in Ontario. So many different cultures, it's wonderful. Officially, over half of our investigators are African, I love them!

One last thing, just found out that Elder Ballard is coming to visit in August, really cool because he was the Mission President here! I'm extremely excited!

Have a blessed week, and God Speed!

As for the pictures, there is one from the Wedding, the picture of me on the stairs (I felt like i was walking up to the temple of Soloman, and Elder T getting Eaten by a fish.... More of less!

The power of prayer is real, God speaks to us, we have a prophet of God here on the Earth today. It's all true!

Love you all to Kolob and Back!

Elder Taylor

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