Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Walk with a Dog...in a Cemetary

 This week gave us some amazing weather, we were up in the teens (Celcius) Which was amazing, it felt like summer. Well, maybe not summer but we were out in just shirts and sweaters. No Jackets, it was pretty amazing. Tons of people ended up outside too, so extra bonus. Yesterday was "Family Day" here in Ontario so our P-day got moved. I also had an exchange yesterday with Elder Shaffer, and we had a riot of a day. All our plans got cancelled and we couldn't find anybody to meet with, but that didn't stop us. We where stopping by all sorts of people and talking with everybody. It seemed like to no avail, but we had dinner with one of the New Converts Beverly who invited her friend Mo over! We talked about the Book of Mormon with him and he committed to come out to church! Who would have thought, such a cool day. It was a bit tough, but it ended amazing. 

Our investigator Kathleen is going great, we went over the Book of Mormon with her again, and it's importance. She was supposed to go to Toronto for the weekend so we didn't think she would be at church on sunday but when we walked into the chapel, she was there sitting. She lives 30 minutes away and doesn't have a car, so of course we where shocked to see her there. She's doing amazing, and we are going to help her set a Baptismal date this week, exciting times! 

I also Had exchanges with Elder Carroll this week, it was awesome. We had an action packed day, the coolest miracle happened that day. We were out and about and got a text from a guy named Ray, I taught him once like 5 months ago but nothing happened and we hadn't been able to meet up since. He set an appointment and we went to see him that night. We talked about Repentence with him and he talked about how he was feeling that his past wasn't wiped away, he still felt guilt from past mistakes, so we were able to talk about and relate baptism and the Sacrament to him. The spirit filled the room so strong and we were able to help him set a Baptismal date. He's already been reading the Book of Mormon and feels like it is true, he also has had some amazing experiences that have been preparing him!

Friday was Zone Conference with President and Sister Shields. What a great day that was, as we talked about the Sacrament and the need for us to repent and become more Christlike. I really took a lot from the meeting, and I was able to have an interview with President afterwards because we get interviews every transfer now.

Sunday was really cool, Hesam got to pass the sacrament for the first time, and it was so cool to see him. After we sat down he was going on about how awesome it felt, it made me realize how much I took it for grantid each week as I passed and blessed the sacrament. It is such a sacred thing, and we should find a way to make it special every week, by repenting before we arrive. 

Last week we also took Beverly's dog for a walk and read the Book of Mormon in the Cemetery with her, it was such a nice day and made me really excited for the warm weather! 
Love you all so much!
Elder Adam Taylor

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