Friday, February 17, 2017

Ballantyne's Day! ❤️ 02/13/2017

 That's right, it's not happy Valentines day, but happy Ballantyne's day! So cool story this week, the Ballantyne's live out in Strathroy, and we've been trying to get into see them for a few weeks. Roxanne (Mom), and her son Devonte were baptized, but there are like 5 others kids over the age of 8 that can be baptized, it's like a missionary Gold Mine! We got out there on Wednesday and were able to see them, when we got inside, Roxanne introduced us to her sister Kathleen, who just moved from Toronto in with her. SCORE! Then Roxanne told us her sister wants to be baptized! What the, no way. We taught about Baptism, Faith, Repentence, and on Saturday we went back and taught the Restoration. Sunday Kathleen came out too church and loved it, we see them again on Tuesday and we have plans on setting them with a Baptismal Date! Hurrah! We're also going to start teaching all of Roxanne's kids.

I had a sweet exchange this week with Elder Olson, I was actually Elder Olson's first exchange 6 transfers ago in Barrie. Now he is one of our district leaders. It was so fun to go on another exchange with him, he's awesome, a straight stud. He's from Price. We had a super good exchange, all our appointments fell through for the evening so we decided to catch the buses for the night, so we hung up the car keys and jumped on the buses for a few hours. We were standing at a bus stop at one point and a guy came up to the bus stop, and turn around and lit a dubie, right away he turned to us and said "You boys wouldn't approve" and walked away.. We tried to talk to him but I guess he wasn't there enough to talk. On the buses though we met some super cool people, one girl named Paige who we got an appointment with who we will be seeing this week! 
Last P-day we got to go too meet a guy named Shawn Nelson. So Shawn Nelson is the founder and creator of Love Sak, he served his mission with one of the members of the ward here in Taiwan. So the member here, Brother Hill, is a teacher at the university and teaches Entrepreneurship, and invited us to his class where Shawn was coming to teach at and share his story on the term "Hustle", which is basically the term for working hard all the time, not wasting time with this and that but working super diligently. It was a crazy story he told about the importance of Hustle. I've taken that phrase now as my new mission phrase. It's all about The Hustle! 

I'm so grateful for all the blessings that come from the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I've really come to recognize the hand of God in my life,and I'm so grateful to be able to stand as a representative of Christ! I love the Gospel, and I love the Book of Mormon!

Love ya all!

Elder Taylor


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