Monday, February 6, 2017

My Pet Peeve & Rebuked By The Spirit

I'll start off with a funny experience of the week, last week we left our phone in the living room so we didn't have our alarm so we accidentally slept in a bit. We felt pretty bad, and in Comp studies that morning we were trying to decide what song to sing. Elder Layton had the idea to sing "Should you feel inclined to Censure". I opened right to it so we figured it must be inspiration. We sand it and then read the scipture attached, this is where we got rebuked by the spirit. The scipture is Doctrine and Coventants 88:124... Read the scripture to understand. We laughed pretty hard, but realized we needed to make sure it didn't happen again. 

Last week I talked about the Missionary World-wide broadcast, it was really cool and it tied into the MLC we had this week. I'll explain how. In the Broadcast they talked a lot about using our agency for good, and how it gives us power to have freedom. With the Broadcast came some changes to the mission schedule. We now have more freedom to do things differently and chose the order of things. For example in the morning, we have planning, personal study, working out and preparing for the day. Not in any specific order, but we should accomplish those things in whatever works best. It was also very focused on the missionaries need to partake of the Sacrament, because that is our next ordinance, and will give us power and "greater power to persuade" those we teach. At MLC this last week we had the opportunity to spend the night in Brampton the night before, it's a tradition for the Zone Leaders. It's always fun, but often we come up with traditions that aren't bad, but detract from our calling as missionaries. For example, we had a challenge of eating scotch bonnet peppers. So this time the Assistants sat us down and we talked about making more spiritual traditions, which was really cool. They gave us a "Call to arms" to rise more fully to our calling. There was a lot of love in it however, and it really changed things. We all took time to write our testimony in a Book of Mormon as well as we were able to bare testimony of the Book of Mormon. It was a powerful night and set a good tone for MLC the next day. At MLC we talked a lot about our dependency on the sacrament, it was powerful and we all went away wanting to be better, and become more like Christ. That continued to our Zone Council and now is flooding the mission. As I took the Sacrament I felt the spirit very strongly, because I chose to prepare for the sacrament and repent before in advance, which is a necessary help. I really felt the love of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to partake of the sacrament weekly to remember and renew my covenants with him. I would encourage and invite all who read this email to stand taller, repent more, and to prepare on a weekly basis for the most important part of their week, the Sacrament. 
The London Zone 

We had a really cool experience this week, we were out looking for a member who is MIA and we had an address. We pulled up and got out, and went into the apartment building. While looking through the buzzer codes for her, and with no success, a man opened the door and said "Hey Elders". Turns out he use to investigate the church, he was in a hurry to leave but told us he'd reach out to us, now this was cool, but what happened next was unexpected. We went down the stairs, not really with a reason and when we got down into the basement hallway, we stood and looked down the hall trying to decide what to do. We had others close by we were going to go by, and just before we left, I turned and knocked on a door randomly. A girl named Christina opened the door wearing a black dress. She went on to tell us about how that day she had just gone to her Grandmothers funeral, and then was in car, we started to talk about the Plan of Salvation, and she couldn't believe it. She said that it was no coincidence, but she went on to talk about her doubt about God being there, we felt prompted to promise her that if she sincerely prayed she would be able to feel God's love. She accepted the invitation and said we could come back. It's amazing how the Lord truly does provide the way for us to walk our paths. 

On Saturday I got to teach Daily Dose, which was fun. I just had one student in my class, he was from China and we went over asking for directions and giving directions. It's fun to get to help in so many different ways as a missionary, not only to share of Christ, but to help others increase their skills so they can build up their lives. 

Last thing I wanted to share was from my studies this week. It was amazing, I'm reading through Ether right now and I was in Chapter 6. The connection with our lives and our challenges is really cool. Verse 3 teaches that Christ will never leave us in the Storm, but his light will always be there. You can also connect it with the Light of Christ of the Holy Ghost. The chapter continues on and talks about how the barges where "Tight like unto a dish", which is how we need to build our testimony, so that the storms do not break us down. And lastly, the Lord allowed the storms to happen for the space of 344 days so that they could be pushed and taken to the promised land by the winds and waves. Our Heavenly Father allows storms to push and become more like him, so that when our Journey is over, we can land in Eternal Life, living with God again. 

With Love from Canada,
Elder Adam Taylor

My pet peeve - crumbs in the butter! He's GUILTY!

A yummy lunch - Poutine & Jones Soda

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