Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Here, There & Everywhere 02/22/2016

This week was one crazy one for sure! When I started off in Chatham my companion was having some Medical things that he had to go home for a few months to get taken care of, and instead of waiting 5 days until transfers, he went home Thursday, which threw a curveball into things. We got the call and they let us know that we were going to drive to London and meet the Zone Leaders, from there we drove to Woodstock to drop him to another set of Elders who drove him to meet the Assistants (Takes a while to get around here) from there I stayed with the Zone Leaders for Thursday and Friday. We had a great time in London, tons of driving, we had to go to Chatham on Friday morning because I had to do District Meeting, so after that we travelled back and had some awesome appointments in London. On Friday night we had an awesome stake activity where the missionaries in London helped with a bunch of activities. The entire night was focused on member missionary work, at the end all the missionaries gathered and sang "Called to Serve" for the entire stake, the spirit was strong! After that We went back to the Zone Leader's apartment and spent the night there with Them and St. Thomas Elders. Saturday morning at 6 we got up and drove to St. Thomas where we got ready and had studies and then travelled to Chatham for a lesson with Bruce!

Bruce is an awesome man we met 2 weeks ago, he so kind and down to earth and we taught him the restoration in Tim Horton's. We are meeting with him again and are going commit him to come out to church with us on Sunday! After that we worked around Chatham, stopping in Ridgetown on our way back to St. Thomas we went by a man named Brad, who we left a Book of Mormon with, he seemed really interested and invited us to come back this week, so we go meet with him Thursday! We made it back to St. Thomas for a delicious dinner appointment, and ended the night at their Ward Coordination meeting. Sunday morning was a mad rush, Elder Bybee and Elder Fillmore dropped me off on splits with our Ward Mission Leader, Brother Hunter in Chatham for Church! Brother Hunter is the best, he takes such good care of us missionaries. He comes out teaching with us all of the time, and has us over for dinner a ton! After getting back to St. Thomas we had a BBQ with a potential investigator, and it was awesome There were 10 people there and we taught all of them, it was sweet. Sam, the one who invited us, has some awesome questions and wants her son to be Baptized. The BBQ was actually at this guy's home, his name is Robert Redford, and no it is not the Sundance Kid... It was the biggest Miracle I've seen in a while!! Such an incredible lesson and she is so prepared! 

That is a short rundown of our weekend in the Trifecta! We've had a great time, but I'm excited to get back to Chatham with Elder Certonio, who I actually know from before the mission. It's really strange, but I met him at the Teton Base Camp 2 years ago, and after the camp we ended up becoming facebook friends, so I don't know him super well, but last transfer I met him at the mission office, and we were laughing about how crazy that was, now he is coming here with me! This is his 3rd transfer, so he's still pretty new, but hey, so am I. Weird to think that I'm starting my 6th transfer in the CTM! 

Tonight I am headed up to Brampton and I'm spending the night at the Assistant's place, tomorrow we get A BRAND NEW CAR! I'm excited, sounds like it is a new Nissan Rouge, first time driving a new car though! Hopefully it still has the new car smell! 

I love you all, and Hope you have a wonderful week! 

Enjoy this picture of our funeral service for Elder Session who goes home this week from my District.

Elder Taylor

Ponderize: D&C 61: 2-3

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