Tuesday, February 16, 2016

It's Officially Cold

Hope you all had a fantastic week! I really don't have a ton to write about this week, so I'll try to stir up as much as I can! But this last weekend it got super cold, Elder McKinnon told me up North it got to -48C which is way cold! Here the Coldest it got during the day was -17C without windchill, so it was pretty brisk to say the least, but they say it's suppose to be above freezing for the rest of the season now! We are just outside what they call the snow belt, so we didn't get a ton of snow, but London which is about an hour away got 3 feet of snow, I wish we got that much snow but we didn't! 

Last week we started to teach an awesome man named Peter, he is a bit older and we met him the week before on the street one night. We have taught him twice now and he has a Date that he is working towards for baptism, unfortunately he didn't come to church and then he bombed our last appointment, so we are going to try to get by him tonight or tomorrow morning! But, we saw a miracle from the Bombed appointment! His building manager told us he was probably at Tim Horton's downtown so that's where we headed, after searching for him with no luck, we ran into another guy named Bruce! Bruce is so nice and the most down to earth man! We talked with him a bit and then he even asked if he could give us a hug, you know we did! We are meeting with him on Saturday to teach him the Restoration!

Yesterday we went up to Walpole Island to meet with some of the Less-Active members up there and a man named Willy who we taught up there last week. The only problem with the native Reservations is that nobody there keeps appointments, they say "If you make an appointment, that's setting up a time they won't be home". But we were able to meet with some members up there and teach a few good lessons! 

On Sunday we went to this small town called Grand Point, it's actually not even a town, it's a village, but we tracted out the entire thing, which isn't saying a lot since there are only 20 or so homes. But on the last door we knocked the lady asked if she could have a Book of Mormon, and figures we had just given our last one out, so we are taking her one this week!

Last week I had exchanges with Elder Olson and Elder Gibb, both from Alberta, I spend the night in London with Elder Gibb, and it's always fun to be in an actually City, sooooo many people to talk to, it's such a different experience from Good ol' Chatham!

That's really it for this week! Transfers are next week, hopefully I get to stay here with Elder Ditty for a while!

Love, Elder Taylor

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