Monday, February 1, 2016

Wo I Wo De Wypo 02/01/2016

Alanso and Mercedes got Baptized this Week!! I am so excited, even though I wasn't able to be there, it brings such a peaceful feeling to know that I was able to be there to help them along their process to conversion! I'll send a picture when I get one from Elder Jones! 

This week was an absolutely incredible, we were able to see and do so much! Tuesday we started our day by heading out to Blenheim which is down South of Chatham, there we planned to stop by a few Less-active members and to work around in the area. We were blessed to find Carol who has already read the entire Book of Mormon, but doesn't know the history of it! We are super pumped to meet with her again! We went by later in the week but she wasn't home, we stopped by again last night and she said to come back on Thursday! Right down the street from her we also met a guy named Carl who wants to learn more about how Prophets can be alive today. It's amazing how the Lord places people in our path that he has been preparing to receive the gospel. I've really seen throughout my mission! 

After Blenheim we made our way to Ridgetown, about 15km East of Blenheim. There we met a guy named Spencer, who at first wasn't too interested in talking to us, but we started talking about the Deer on his wall and how we were both Hunter's as well he really opened up to us and said we could stop by sometime and talk with him! Blessings!

After that we headed to Morpeth, where we had a dinner appointment with the Emerson's who are some members in our Branch here. Now let me paint a little picture of Morpeth. There are like 10 streets in the whole town, they say the population is 200 people, but i don't believe it because it's probably like 20 people. There isn't even a gas station in Morpeth! We walked past a pasture with 2 cows in it and they ran over to look at us, guess we were the most exciting thing that Morpeth has seen in quite some time. 

After Dinner we had to head to the opposite side of our area for exchanges with the Leamington Elder's. We got to our meeting place and while we waited for them to arrive we found a kitten, whom we proceeded to name Laman... If only we were aloud to have pets he would have come home with us! Elder Sessions came with me to Chatham and we had a lot of fun, we also got to help one of the members move here. It's been a while since I've done some good lifting, so it felt good.

On Friday I went on Exchanges with Elder Mak who is one of the Windsor Mandarin Elders! We had a super good time! The entire time I was helping him to learn how to pronounce the "R" sound because in Mandarin and Cantonese they say a "W" instead. He was helping me to learn how to pronounce the name of the church in Mandarin and also taught me how to say Wo I Wo De Wypo, which means "I love my Grandma" We had a grand time, and as we were out tracting together we met Richard, man i am pumped about Richard! Richard is like 30ish, and is Jamaican. He is super relaxed, and when we met with him yesterday, we were able to invite him to be baptized and he said accepted! We are so excited to meet with him again this week, we are going to teach him the Plan of Salvation this week!

Today we are headed up to Walpole island again to work on our fish carvings with Brother Smith, it is super fun! Best thing to do here in Chatham on a P-day :)

Love you all!

Elder Taylor

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