Tuesday, February 9, 2016

One Crazy Week...in the car 02/08/15

Last week was quite the week, seemed like we were driving all over the place. Tuesday was insane! We had to wake up and travel to London in the morning for an appointment and once we finished there we had to shoot back to help a Less-Active sister in the ward move a washer and dryer, and found out she needed soooo much more help than just moving a washer and dryer. Her Husband had a dislocated shoulder, and she has a baby that is like 2 months old! So we helped move the washer and Dryer and then we had to head to Wallisburg which is about 30 minutes North for a few appointments and dinner with a Member. Brother Howe is known for the triple challenge with missionaries, which is eating enormous amounts of food, there is a hamburger with 1lbs of meat, a panzaratti the sized of a watermelon, and a huge breakfast. So we tackled the challenge by having the breakfast, I've never eaten so much food before in my life. But anyhow, afterwards we traveled back to Chatham to help the Sister move again. After all that we returned home exhausted, I fell asleep that night in like 30 seconds! 

Thursday night we had to travel again to London for Zone council, which was tons of fun. We stayed in the Zone Leaders apartment that night, so that we didn't have to wake up super early to drive in the morning! After the wonderful Zone Council we got all you can eat sushi, yuuuummmm, and then had exchanges! Elder Ray came to Chatham with me and I really learned a lot from him about trying to get to know the people we contact while tracting or talking to people on the street! Elder Ray has been out for about a year and in serving in Windsor. He is one of the English Elders there and he is originally from Idaho.

Yesterday after Church we went and visited a sister in the Hospital who had just recently had surgery. She has been Less-Active for a while but really enjoyed our visit, and hopefully we will be able to go out and visit here once she is home from the Hospital and help her to start coming back to church! After That we headed out to Mitchell's Bay, which is on Lake St. Claire. It's a lake that sits between Lake Erie and Lake Huron (I think). We had never been there before, but once we got there we realized it was a place full of summer homes, and retired fisherman! Everybody there was so so nice and talked with us, unfortunately we weren't able to find anybody too interested, but a lot of the time, it's the seeds planted that count! One Lady we met even has children out in BC that joined the church, we were able to send her to the Church's website so that she could learn more about what her children believed!

This last week a lot of our solid investigators decided they were happy with where they were at, which was a bit sad for us, but I know that someday they will make the changes necessary in their lives, so this week we are going out to find those who are prepared! We have an appointment with a girl named Karramay this week, she is solid! Already read the Book of Mormon, but she read it like a Novel, so we are going to teach her how to read scripture.

Well, I love you all so much! I hope you have a fantastic week full of missionary opportunities!

 Love, Elder Taylor

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