Tuesday, March 22, 2016

28 Lessons & A Giant Panzaratti 3/14/16

My Goodness, we had an absolutely crazy week! It was super fun and full of so many blessings! We taught 28 lessons this week, which is a ton! That was the most lesson's I've every taught in a week!

Here in Chatham we don't get the most unique or unusual food, but this week we had these HUGE panzaratti's, I couldn't believe how big this thing actually is! I only got 3/4 of the way done with it..

On exchanges in London last week we got a phone call where we were asked to go by the hospital and give a blessing to a lady who was in the ICU. We arrived at the hospital and had to gown up and glove up in order to go in to give her the blessing. 

Yesterday was such a cool day, I have a bunch of experiences I want to share with you a few of those experiences from yesterday! It started off in Church, when one of the members was giving a talk. He had been sick for a few days up to that point, and you could see the longer he talked, the whiter he got, and he began to stutter. His brother took him a glass of water, which he drank, but he continued to get worse and worse. I said a small prayer in my heart for him, and his brother walked up on the stand and told the Branch President that he needed to sit down, so the Branch President walked over to him and had him sit down. Immediately the speakers brother walked up to the stand and continued to read his brother's talk! It was super powerful to see the love that this man had for his brother, to step up and continue his talk. The original speaker recovered and was able to finish his talk. 

Our Investigator Kerra told us that she wouldn't be able to meet at her home so we frantically started calling members that lived near her and we called the member that had taken over speaking for his brother that day. They invited us over for the lesson there and also for dinner with our Investigator!

A couple weeks ago we were asked to give a blessing to an elderly gentleman, and the member who asked us to give the blessing, asked us if we would go back again and visit the couple. When we got there the Gentleman was in his room in his wheelchair struggling to get in his bed, so we helped him into his bed and talked a bit about Christ. Before leaving the man took my hand and expressed the greatest expression of gratitude I had every had. I could feel the love that Heavenly Father had for this man, and I'm so grateful that I could be used as a tool for Heavenly Father to show his love to his Children!

Our Investigators are doing really well, we are teaching quite a few people, we started teaching a Lady named Erika last week, she is from Mexico City and committed to Baptism after the first lesson!

We are also still teaching Bruce, he is doing well. We are working with him to come to church! He has a Date for Baptism, which is really excited! He's a great guy, and we are so excited to continue to work with him! 

This week I've really been able to see how Heavenly Father uses his children to show love for his other Children! I'm so grateful for this opportunity I've had over the last 8 months to be a tool in the Lord's hand as a full time missionary! It's the greatest blessing and opportunity I've ever been given! 

I love you all so much, Have a great week!

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