Thursday, March 31, 2016

God Bless America! 03/29/16

Well, it's Tuesday, and our P-day is today because Canada loves long weekends. They celebrate Good Friday, Easter, and Easter Monday here. Whatever is up with that, not to sure about it. It's nice, on Friday though, everybody is at Mass! It was so hard to find people to talk too because everybody was in the churches! It was a good week overall.

We went to Windsor last Monday and saw Detroit, it was good to see some American Flags. It was fun but the museum we were going to go to ended up being closed so we weren't able to do that which was a bit of a Bummer. We have to head to Windsor again tonight for a Baptismal Interview. We drive around so much, it's crazy! Our monthly Kilometers are growing higher and higher.

Everybody we are working with is doing super super well! We're still meeting with Kerra, and she is so pumped for her Baptism! It's so cool to see how much she has learned over the last few weeks! Bruce is doing super well as well, we meet with him a couple times a week and he has been coming out to church for a couple weeks now! We helped him set a Baptismal Date last week as well! 

Our Investigator Erika, well use to be investigator. We were teaching her last week and she mentioned how she was Baptized in "This Church". It all connected and we realized she is a member! She was Baptized in Mexico when she was a kid and we tracted into her. Trust in the Lord, and he will guide you. She came out to church on Sunday as well and really enjoyed it! 

We had a crazy rainstorm this week. The River that runs through Chatham is completely flooded over, it must have raised 4 feet, maybe even more! It was spilled over all covering the walkway along it's bank and is still flooded today. It's beginning to feel like spring now, March is coming to an end and leaving like a lamb. 

District Meeting this week was down in Leamington, "The Tomato Capital of Canada". The place is packed with greenhouses! For Lunch afterwards we went to a Pho shop, which is a Vietnamese Soup where they cook the meat in the broth in the bowl. It's delicious! I had one with Beef and Tripe, I know you're probably saying yuck, but it's really not that bad! In Fact I quite enjoy it! 

On Friday we were up on Walpole Island teaching some of the Members up there and trying to get into some doors. It's hit or miss up there. Sometimes you can get in, other times it is like everybody is gone! But after leaving we went by Brother Howe who told us he wanted to take us to a Chinese Buffet. I was stuffed by the end of it and we had a Dinner appointment in not too long, so we went to the dinner appointment and guess what we had.... Chinese Food. I have never eaten so much Chinese food in my life. I don't want to see another Kung Pao Chicken for a month. :) 

Easter was an awesome day! We went to church, which was crazy. Running around getting members to pick up some our investigators. The Spirit was so strong in Sacrament, and it was fast and testimony meeting as well because we have General Conference and then Stake Conference! I was able to study the last 3 chapters of Luke over Easter Weekend, and it helped me understand so much more about our Saviour Jesus Christ! We got to use the new Easter video in procelyting, and It's such a powerful video, it was amazing to see the reactions it brought to people!

I know he lives, and I am so grateful for the knowledge I hold. It means so much to me. I know as well that our Father in Heaven's plan is perfect, that he knows all things and that he loves us so much, more than we could ever comprehend. I Love missionary work, I know this is where I am suppose to be, and I'm grateful to be here serving the Lord with all my Heart. 

I hope you all take some time to think of questions for this upcoming conference. There are going to be some amazing talks given, what a blessed weekend where we are able to hear from living prophet's and apostles! 

Love you all so much! Make sure to always study your scriptures!

Love, Elder Taylor

Elder Certonio doesn't like sitting by me in the car

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