Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Answered Prayers & A Tank 3/21/16

This week was a wonderful one! Things have been on the uprise here in Chatham, we are now teaching so many people and our time is so packed! We saw some amazing Miracles this week on top of everything!

We met with Kerra like 5 times this week which was awesome! On Tuesday we invited her to be Baptized on April 23rd and she gasped and started going off on how the night before she had a dream that something big was going to happen on that Day but she didn't know what it was going to be! She accepted with a ton of excitement and she hasn't stopped talking about her Baptism since then! She came to a Easter Breakfast at the church on Saturday with us and really loved it, she couldn't come out to church last week, but this week she committed and she will be there Sunday! Such wonderful Miracles are happening with her. She told us yesterday that she has never been this happy in her entire life before, it's amazing how much joy the Gospel can really bring into other's lives!

Bruce is doing well also, he come out to church and said he was only going to stay for sacrament but ended up staying the entire time because he really enjoyed it! We showed him the Font on Saturday and he was stoked about Baptism! He has a date as well that he his working towards so high hopes that he continues to progress as fast as he has been! 

All week I had been praying that we could have 2 investigators at church on Sunday, when Kerra said she wouldn't make it we kept praying. I was asked to Bless the Sacrament Sunday, usually happens, but I was sitting up there and we only had 1 person there and I started to think..."Next week for sure" all of the sudden, this random guy walks in who nobody knows! After the Sacrament I went and sat next to him and turns out he is a former investigator from a while back! He wanted to meet this week and so now we are going to start teaching him again! It strengthened my testimony of prayer so so much! Heavenly Father hears and answers every prayer, I love how in the Book of Enos in the Book of Mormon Enos "Wrestles with God" his sincerity in prayer is enormous, and it taught me a lot about the power of Prayer. I encourage everybody to read it and think of how they can apply it to their prayers! 

There is an old military tank on display in the middle of one of the town in our area, This tank is a Howitzer M109A4, and is a monument to the Canadian Legion. We saw it and knew we had to take a picture with it!
We taught a Baptist Jamaican family yesterday which was awesome as well, we asked what the spirit felt like to them, and Maxine the wife went off on how when she feels the spirit she speaks the gift of tongues! We tried to correct that bit of doctrine, but easier said than done. We are going to see them again next week! 

That's about it for this week! Love you all

Elder Taylor

Finished my carved fish as well, this is Brother Smith with me. I'll send the fish home sometime in the near future!

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