Monday, March 7, 2016

March Came In Like A Lion 3/7/16

March definitely came in hard, we had a horrible freezing rain storm, if you've never been in one, pray you never will!

This last week was a super good one, we were able to meet and teach the Restoration to Kerra, who is so solid and has such a great desire to learn about the Gospel! We found her a while back and were finally able to meet with her and teach her the full restoration. She LOVES the Book of Mormon already and she told us after we left that she felt so good while we were there and she was emotional after we left and she had no idea why. It goes to show that the spirit is truly the teacher in all situations. Without the spirit, we would never be able to help people come unto Christ. She told us she would be baptized if it feels right to her, so this week we are going to work on helping her set a Date as a goal for her to work towards!

Last Monday we headed up to the Island to work on our fish, but Brother Smith ended up not being there so we decided to stop at the Uncle Tom's Cabin Site on our way back to Chatham. (Pardon the Clothing, we were suppose to be painting so we didn't wear our normal clothing.) If you remember Harriott Beecher Stowells book "Uncle Tom's Cabin" The place we went has the actual home of Josiah Henson, who the book is written after. At the site, there was also the grave of Josiah Henson! The history there was really cool, he did a lot of good for Civil Rights and Freedom!

We got a call last week from a member of our ward asking if we would be able to go give a blessing to an elderly couple in a retirement home. They also want us to come do a "Church Service" so their friend, who is a member talked to the Branch President, and they are going to start a small Sunday School class there. The same member who gave us that referral has 2 more friends that want to learn about the Gospel. 

Last week we met a lady from Ethiopia who spoke Arabic so we gave her an Arabic Book of Mormon, and we met a Lady from Bangladesh, so we are in the process of finding a Bangali Book of Mormon. It was nice to see some culture changes, That's what makes Chatham so different from the GTA, is there aren't as many different cultures and ethnicity here. 

I don't have a whole lot more to say this week other Than I Love you all!

Headed to London for Exchanges and Zone Conference today. 

Love, Elder Taylor

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