Tuesday, April 5, 2016

7th Week & A New Seventy 04/04/16

Well, If you haven't heard, which I'm sure you have, President Clayton was called as a Seventy in the Saturday Afternoon Session of General Conference! When they called his name I asked Elder Certonio if he was just called and he didn't hear, then we got a text from the Zone Leader's asking if we just heard it! Eventually it was confirmed and we learned this morning that President Will be with us until the 1st of July 2016, and then our new mission president, President Shields and Sister Shields will be coming as the new mission president! We are all sad to be losing him, but we are really excited for him and the opportunities that his new calling will bring!

General Conference was soooo amazing Eh! I loved it so much, such a powerful message that everybody had to share. I loved so many of the Talks, President Nelson's in Priesthood Session was awesome, President Uchtdorf's was incredible, President Monson's were oh so powerful, and what a better way to end than with Elder Holland's talk on "Tomorrow"! It was a good day for conference to be on as well because the temperature dropped to below freezing and started snowing Saturday morning

"May we always Choose the harder right, than the easier wrong"
-President Thomas S. Monson

Well, we are starting off week 7 of the transfer, which is weird! I feel like it'll make next transfer go that much faster! This last week was a great week indeed! Not a ton has happened since we last emailed! I went on an exchange with Elder Morby who is serving in Windsor. It was a blast, we had a real good time and we were able to teach a few Less-Active members! 

Kerra is doing super well, we have been teaching her a couple times a week and she is super receptive to the spirit! She loved General Conference, and is super excited for her Baptism! We are meeting with her a few times this week as well. We have gone over almost everything we need to before she is Baptized.

Bruce is doing super well, we are still meeting with him and helping him to work towards his Baptism! He couldn't come to conference because of some family things, but he should be back to church next week! 

That really is about it! Here are some pictures of "The Brotherhood" which is my district! It's wonderful having all Elders :)

Love you, Elder Taylor

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