Monday, April 18, 2016

The Land of Milk & Honey

To say that Barrie is the Land of Milk and Honey is an understatement! It is such a wonderful blessed land here in Barrie! I have loved my first week here and I hope to be here for a long while! Elder Erickson is my companion, and we have been having such a wonderful and miraculous time together, and boy have we seen miracles and the Lord's hand here.

So the Sunday before we got here, Randy got Baptized, so we get to work with him as a New Convert, which is super fun! He had to work on Sunday so he has his Confirmation scheduled for this next Sunday. He referred his friend Mannie who is getting Baptized on the 26th! Mannie is awesome, we have met with her quite a few times, and she has such a strong testimony already! Coolest part, Randy might be able to get the Priesthood before Mannie's Baptism on the 23rd, so if he does, he is going to Baptize her! WAHOOOO!

Our very first day here we met with Michael, who requested a bible online, we met with him and he has read the entire bible in a month and now is in the 2nd Nephi in the Book of Mormon (Maybe surpassed that now). He is awesome, and he is trying to find a path for himself in this life. We are excited to really help him see how the Gospel can bless his life!

When we haven't had appointments we have been meeting with all the Members and trying to find out who the Elder's have been meeting with!

Here are the Crazy miracles this week that we had!

1) We received 3 phone calls one morning about the same person, so here's the story. A Less-Active member who hasn't had contact with anybody for around 2 years called the Bishop, Church Headquarters and another member. Turns out he has a friend, James (16), living with him. The member has been watching after James for quite sometime because of Jame's living conditions as a kid. Well, James is looking for some spiritual knowledge at this time in his life due to his situation, and we got to meet with him and he came out to church on sunday! He loved church as well, and was talking about how he wants to be a part of the church and be Baptized!

2) We have this thing called Kijiji which is like KSL that we use to put ads on, we put an add on about the Holy Ghost, and got an email about it asking how much it costs to be Baptized? So we told them it was free and we would love to meet with them. They emailed back saying they want to be Baptized into our Church, so now we are setting up a time to meet with them! Miracles eh?

3)We went by a member who wasn't home and while we were there, the neighbors were staring us down, so what do we do. You know it, we went to talk to them! We met Alana and Christopher, who are super curious about the Book of Mormon and have tons of questions for us, so we gave them a copy, invited them to read it, and set up a time that we could come back. It's going to be a blast!

We went to Wasaga Beach for a district meeting this week, fun fact, it is the longest fresh water beach in World! We could barely see it so we didn't get a picture, but it's super cool! The Chapel there is in an old Bank, weirdest looking Chapel I've ever seen!

Tonight we have something called "Initiation", where brother Dadd-Dawlet gives us his famous hot sauce which is 6 million on the scofield scale. If you don't know what it means, basically it's so hot I may die. ;)

That's it for this week!

Love you all!

Elder Taylor

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