Thursday, April 28, 2016

Baptisms & Dish Duty 04/25/16

Terra was Baptized on Saturday! Wahoooo! So excited for her and her decision to be Baptized!

Along with Kerra, Mannie is getting Baptized tomorrow! We are so excited for her! 

Anyways, this week here in Barrie was an absolute blast, full of so many miracles! We met with James, the 16 year old kid we are teaching, this last week twice and set him with a Baptismal Date, and he told us he would do whatever it took to reach that goal! :) 

Had my first Zone Council this week as well, it was a bit hectic getting it all put together, but it turned out super well. Here in our mission we have what are called Mission culture which consists of 3 points:

1) We Teach Repentence and Baptize Converts
2) Preach My Gospel Mission
3)Consecrated Disciples of Jesus Christ

We did our Zone council on that, and it went super well. As the meeting was going on, President and Sister Clayton were there doing Interviews, so we got to have interviews with them, which is sad because that was my last one with President Clayton, it's hard to believe in a few short months he will no longer be here! In our instruction to the Zone we shared a talk called "Feed my Sheep" with everybody. It was an MTC devotional by Elder Holland, if you get the chance, LISTEN TO IT!

We saw a multitude of miracles this week, one amazing one last night was that we had only found one new investigator this last week so last night we were out working so hard to find some new people to work with! We were talking to everybody but nobody seemed to listen. The time came to 8:45 so we started to head for the car, as we crossed the road we talked to one last person, who was super interested! She asked to meet with us again! It showed me how we always have to put our trust in the Lord, I know that it was no coincidence that she was there! 

We had a lot of awesome Service opportunities this week. One of our Members, the Dadd-Dowlat's own an amazing restaurant called Cravin-The-Flavin which is to die for good! We stop by to help them close down their restaurant sometimes and we helped them wash dishes, in return we got some delicious pork and rice! Yummm....

I had exchanges with Elder Lemon last week, he is serving in Owen Sound! We had an amazing time! Got a ton of things done with him, and we were able to commit our investigator Michael to baptism!

Elder Erickson has this horrible game called Bean Boozled which is where you have a bunch of Jelly Beans, with 2 flavors to each bean. One good flavor, for example Pear, and one nasty flavor, for example Booger. It's as gross as it sounds! We played it the other night and I still have those nasty tastes in my mouth! It's hilarious to play and watch your companion's face when they get a nasty one!

Yesterday was a really long day, we started off by traveling up to Orillia, which is a branch in the stake, because we were asked to speak with the High Counselors. I spoke on Elder Arnold's talk from conference "To the Rescue". I was a bit nervous right before I spoke, but as soon as I got up there to speak, I was filled with Energy and all the nervousness left. So grateful for the spirit in times like those! 

I'm so grateful to be a missionary at this time in my life, it is an incredible opportunity! I love this Gospel, and I know it is true! It brings true joy and happiness, and I couldn't imagine living the rest of my life without this opportunity!

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