Monday, April 11, 2016

Goodbye Chatham...Hello Barrie 4/11/16

Well today is my last time in the blessed land of Chatham. We got the call last night from President right before we went into our apartment last night. (It's always a scary sign when President calls and not one of the Assistants). We answered and he told Elder Certonio he was going to be staying as the District Leader! Then he went on to tell me I would be headed to Barrie West, and I would be the Zone Leader in Barrie Zone! What a surprise, I couldn't even believe what I heard? I'm excited to get to serve in Barrie! I'm super sad to be leaving Chatham however, especially with Kerra quickly coming up on her Baptism on the 23rd. It's like leaving a piece of your heart when you get transferred, but it's exciting to move on and continue to help more people! 

The temperature here dropped a lot this week, back down to freezing, and some snow up north, which means I'm headed up to snow possibly. 

Update on Kerra, she is doing awesome! She is getting baptized on April 23rd, and she is the most prepared person I have ever met on my mission! She told us this week too that she was talking with the Stake President and he got her an assignment for the summer at the Thomas S. Monson camp! It's an amazing opportunity for her!

I had an exchange with Elder Mak from Hong Kong this week and learned all sorts of random phrases in Mandarin! It was fun! As well, we had an awesome mission wide call where President Clayton told us all about being called as a General Seventy. Nic, you were wondering which quorum, and President Clayton told us they don't really specify, the only reason there is more than one quorum is because there can only be 70 in a quorum.

We are teaching a guy named John here now, and he keeps giving us referrals around Chatham for all his friends. We've been doing a lot of time trying to contact all of them. He just spews off names and addresses of people to go by, one of the friends we got a return appointment with! 

Not too much excitement happened this week, it wasn't too exciting! Glad you all got to eat sushi, which I love. 

Love you all!

Elder Taylor

The picture with the family is the Hunter Family, Brother Hunter is with us all the time! The Picture on the street is with a Guy named Police Dan and Riley. They are some friends we have made while contacting, super funny guys!

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