Monday, May 2, 2016

Mannie's Baptism

Wow, just wow. Such a phenomenal week we had up here in Barrie! Obviously I have to first talk about Mannie's Baptism! It was such an amazing day! Crazy busy but it was a beautiful day! Brother Dadd-Dowlat Baptized her and her confirmation on sunday was so powerful! I got to stand in the circle, and it was such a powerful experience! She bore her testimony right after too and it was awesome! She is the next relief society president, I'm calling it now. ;)
We had Exchanges with the Assistants last week as well, so we went to Brampton for the day. It was great, the way exchanges work is that two companionships of Zone Leaders go to Brampton and Blitz their area for the day. It was awesome because that night it was Me, Elder McKinnon (My Trainer), Elder Erickson (My first District Leader), and Elder Turner and Forsyth (My first Zone Leaders) It was weird, it seems like just yesterday we were all together, but it was 10 months ago! crazy how time flies! On exchanges it was my first time in Toronto! It was so cool, and we talked with so many people! It was a blast! I loved how many people there were to talk too! It's a cool city!

We helped a lady move last week who is a member's friend. While trying to get a couch through her front door we started to teach the Restoration, which was a funny situation to teach the Restoration. But she asked us if we would give her a Book of Mormon so we are going back this week to give her a copy and hopefully try to teach her! It's cool how the spirit works though, because she hates organized religion, but you could see the spirit working on her! 

We stopped by a Less-Active member last week that hasn't had much contact in a while and sat down with him out in his Garden! We had a great talk with him about the Temple and he said he would love to get back to the temple! We prayed with him as well and he was crying afterwards, he said he NEEDS to come back to church and we are going to begin working with him and help him get back to the temple!

I Love the temple, we are so blessed in Utah to have so many temples! I hope you all get the opportunity to go as much as you can. Around the world, there are so many who only get to go to the temple once in their life, in some places once a year. In Utah we can go daily, I hope you all use that opportunity in your lives, those in Utah at least! :)

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