Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Speed of Light 3/16/16

This week flew by at the speed of light, we had so much going on, running around all over the place! 
We went hiking by lake Simcoe last Monday after emailing and found some very cool places, I'll send you some pictures of our adventures! 

Tuesday started off with District meeting for one of the Districts in our Zone, and after that I had exchanges with Elder Fjeldsted. He is the hardest working missionaries I've ever met! I learned so much from him! He is headed home next week, but has left a huge impact on the mission! I learned a lot about Charity from him and how that should be the driving force behind everything we do! On exchanges we taught James, who is getting baptized this week, I'll explain more about that situation in a bit. And we met with Mannie and Randy who are New Converts, it was a super good day overall!

Wednesday was a busy day with meetings and we had lunch with Brother Thompson, who took us to this awesome place called Avoco Bar, Mom, this is your kind of place! It's a fast food Salad bar, sounds wierd but it is super good! You get a salad and then they wrap it in a tortilla and it is so good! It sounds like a boring place, but it's pumping, and super busy. 

Thursday we did some Yard work for our Ward Mission Leader and had lunch with him and his wife, and then we met with James and Justin again! Went over the Baptismal Interview Questions and helped him prepare for that! Looking forward to his Baptism! Had a very interesting experience with a lady downtown while contacting. We were talking with this guy when this lady come up, who had a few too many drinks, and decided that she was going to give me a hug. Now, as a missionary I felt so uncomfortable because I couldn't get away, after that there were some very inappropriate remarks made to us, and as she went for Elder Erickson, he made a spin dive out of the way of her and said "No way!" It was all really awkward and I felt super weird the rest of the night!

Friday, we went to Wasaga Beach for District Meeting, and had lunch at a really good chinese place called 98 Super Panda! It was delicious, and the rest of the day we had to do some planning and had a meeting we had to go to!

Saturday the temperatures went from 27 to 3, and it was freezing. We didn't have a lot planned, but luckily had some service opportunities come up that kept us inside and not in the cold weather! We also met with Carrie, who is a friend of Sister Jaime in the Ward. We helped Carrie move 2 weeks ago and we talked about the Restoration with her! She doesn't believe in God, YET, and we are super excited to continue to teach her! She is super up front and honest which makes teaching really awesome! Love working with her, she also has 2 kids, Liam and Maddox! We gave both a copy of the Book of Mormon too!

Sunday was very very stressful... It all started at 7am when Justin called us telling us that James was sick and not sure if he was going to make it to church, which he has to come one more week before he can be baptized, but his baptism is on Saturday. Then in Ward Council the Bishop told us that we needed to integrate them into the other ward because they are outside of the boundary, which was confusing because our bishop already told us they are staying in our ward, because Justin was Baptized here. It's hard to explain all the details, but basically yesterday we had to make all the arrangements to get James passed to Cookstown Elders for his Baptism next sunday. Justin called us and told us James was up and ready so we got them a ride, but the ride couldn't find them so they didn't make it to church! At the end of all of this I learned a lot about humility and how it is the Lord's work, not mine! James will be baptized on Sunday now in the Cookstown Ward, but we will be there since we have worked with him since day 1!

Crazy week, and a crazy one coming up!

That's all I have, but I love you all so much, and I love this Gospel, grateful to be a Missionary. It's not always easy, but the best days here, make the hard days seem like nothing! 

Love, Elder Taylor

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