Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bulk Barn & Easterbrooks

Good morning everybody! It's a beautiful day here in Burlington! Can't believe I've already been out for 4 months, where has the time gone? We had a blessed week here full of excitement! First things first, I keep forgetting to write about it, but remember in the Saratov Approach the tattoo of the guy that the missionaries see on his hand? Well we were out walking along the park on Lake Ontario and met this Russian guy, we shook his hand and he had the exact same Tattoo! Oh man, it was crazy, it was a flashback to that movie! 

Elder Jones and I discovered our new favorite store this last week, it's called Bulk Barn. Basically imagine a huge store full of barrels of random food. Yep, and you walk around and fill bags with however much stuff you want. It's incredible! We bought a bunch of different kinds of granola that we have been eating for breakfast, we also bought some dried mango that was delicious! Yum!

 So, we met with Alanso and Mercedes this week and guess what, set up a solid Baptismal date! YYYYYAAAHHHHOOOOOOO!!!!! Man, I so pumped for them! They are getting baptized on Dec. 19th! Now I just gotta keep praying I don't get transferred, I shouldn't because they don't usually split up a trainer and trainee until after the 2 transfers, so I have high hopes!

Brother Aitchison, one of the Member's in the ward took us out to eat at this hotdog shop called Easterbrooks! Basically it's this rundown hotdog joint that was opened in the 1930's, but boy do they make good Hot dogs. I have a 12 inch Chili Dog called the Bellie Blaster, yeah, it sounds scary, but It was so good! 

We also found this super good restaurant called Babaz, that sells Egyptian food. That's where I learned how to say Azyk. ;) But Egyptian food is super good, basically it's just meat and rice with some vegetables with Tiziki Sauce, but let me tell you, we WILL be going back to that place!

This week we get to go to a special Conference in Kitchener where Elder Perkins will be speaking! We are so excited to get to go to hear him speak! It's supposibly all day, and those days are awesome because it's like recharging the battery and just makes all of us even more pumped about missionary work! This last week I also realized how much I love to promise people blessings! The times that I have promised Blessings by the spirit, I have felt the spirit so strong. Whenever it happens It just shows me that the promise is not from me, but from the Lord Himself!

We have been working with an Older Gentleman named John Smith, just the most typical name of all times. He has said almost every time we met with him so far that there is no way that he will be Baptized, so before we went to meet with him we where praying so hard that his heart would be softened! At the end we asked him why he wouldn't join the church and he said because he is content with what he knows, BUT he said that he wasn't completely closed to it and would Join if he found out it was all true! He is going to spend a week with his daughter who is a member and he wants to talk with them about what he has learned in the Book of Mormon so far, so hopefully after that, He will be even more receptive to the spirit!

2 Nights ago we were walking back from stopping by a Less-Active family when we met a lady named Pam! (Not the Pam we are already working with that told us she wants to be baptized) but we started talking and were able to share a super powerful message about Joseph Smith with her! You could just see the spirit working with her and she was very very interested to learn more! We are going back this week to meet with her again!

It's been getting quite a bit cooler here, today it warmed up a bit, but It's been cold enough that I've even been wearing a scarf, you know it has to be cold to get me to wear a scarf ;) Elder Jones doesn't feel the cold however, so I'll be bundled up and he will be in a short sleeve shirt, it's ridiculous! 

Well, that's it for this week! I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love, Elder Taylor

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