Monday, November 9, 2015

Ce Faci (Love ya Wil!)

How are you all doing? Ce Faci is Romanian for How are you doing?... that one goes out to Wil Cowser since that's where he got his call too! 
This last week was full of wonders and amazement! We started off the Week by stopping by a Less-Active who the Bishop asked us to stop by and we ended up having an awesome conversation with her and she wants to start coming back to church! She just worries about what everybody will think of her. Surprisingly that is one of the biggest concerns keeping people from going to church, whether it is a member or one of our investigators!!

Guess what, We be having a BAPTISM!! AHHHHHH!! Alanso and Mercedes are getting Baptized in December! We had the coolest lesson with them. We watched a Mormon Message called "You know Enough", and then we went on to talk about Faith and taking that leap. We talked about the Jaredites and how they had to exercise their faith to leave what they knew to board a ship, and then we invited them to Baptism! Mercedes sat for like 30 seconds staring at me, and then she was just like "yes, I'd like to do it around Christmas" Man, Christmas miracles are already happening and we are only the first week of November!!! 

We meet with some of our Returning Members on Friday nights and we arrived 5 minutes early this week so we ran down the street to knock a few doors before our appointment! We knocked on Roz's door, and she literally sounds just like Roz off of Monster's Inc! She went on to tell us that we were totally Cooky, we helped answer some of her typical questions like Polygamy and such and gave her a Book of Mormon. She invited us to come back this next Sunday, she wanted to read some of the Book of Mormon before we meet! So sweet!! 

I went on Exchanges with Elder Vang again this last week but I spent the Day in Oakville! It was a total Blast! We were all over the place! We did some service by raking leaves for one of the members of their ward and he fed us lunch and gave us some Combusha, which is fermented Herbal Tea, it was quite interesting. Don't worry it was Herbal tea so I wasn't breaking the Word of Wisdom :)

On Saturday we got to go to the temple with Paul Vila, one of our New Converts. We have a mission sponsored Proxy Baptism every month and it was awesome! It ended up taking 3 hours though and I was a witness the entire time.  We were all pretty tired by the end of it! I never thought I would get tired from just being a Witness in the temple for Baptisms, but I was tired. Man, it was an incredible experience to see 22 new converts go to the temple for their first time. The temple is an amazing place! 

All week long I have been praying that we could find a family this week to teach, lone behold, last night as we stopped by a lady that was in the area book, we met her husband, who we talked about the Plan of Salvation with and Eternal marriage.  He was interested and invited us back next week. Man, my prayer was answered, that's for sure! It's amazing how by just asking in Prayer we are blessed.  I can't even express the importance of prayer and how much it means to me now. 

Elder Jones has these Nasty Ties that he made me wear so we could take a picture.  I think he gave me the uglier tie. I'll send a picture of them!

Love you all,

Elder Taylor

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