Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thankful for Birthday Wishes

"The Catholic Church down the street has me booked for Heaven and hell and all that stuff." (Most interesting quote of the week.)

Thank you all for the Birthday wishes!  Man, the weather has cooled down so much! We had our first snow storm yesterday, and let me tell ya, the humidity makes the weather sooooo much colder! Wowza! Hahaha! I love the snow however, it makes me happy!  

:) Man, this week was pretty good!! Elder Perkins of the Seventy came and spoke to us on Wednesday and we learned some AWESOME stuff! One really cool thing we talked about was always going to meetings with questions in our mind, and as we do so we will receive those answers! I've done it twice since and It is so true! It's amazing how the Spirit teaches us such wonderful things when we are searching for answers! We also had some time to ask him questions and one Elder asked how we address the concern about evolution. We talked about it for quite sometime, and then got into other stuff and Elder Perkins said, "I don't know about Dinosaurs but everything happens for a reason and I believe Dinosaurs lived so that they could die, be buried for thousands of years, become fossil fuel, and then we would suck it up and use it for fuel so we can fly missionaries all over the world" Hahaha, oh man, I never thought of it that way but hey, makes sense to me!

Yesterday we had the Montreal Temple dedication, it was absolutely amazing, and the spirit in the meeting was so strong! We all gathered at the church and watched it over broadcast. They cancelled church for it which was a bit hard because all the people we are working with couldn't come to church or anything, so that was the only downfall. 

Alanso and Mercedes are still on the Path to Baptism and have been super good! They are on vacation this week in the States for Thanksgiving so when they get back we are going to hammer and get everything done! 

One really cool miracle we saw this week however was that we went by a Less-Active this week to meet at 8pm and when we got there they weren't home. So we set out pounding the streets looking for somebody to to talk to and knocking the doors in the area. It seemed like nobody was home but as we kept going we ran into a man who just got here from India and was super interested in the Book of Mormon. It's amazing how the Lord Places us in those places where his children are prepared!

Yesterday for dinner we got to go eat at the Acorda's! Luckily they forgot to get Balute! :) But we had this fantastic meal called a Hot Pot, which is Beef, Chicken, Squid Balls, chinese spinach, and lettuce all cooked together in a broth! It was delicious! They also had a really good dessert that is called Toupig, and another called Bibanca. They are made of Rice and coconut milk and cooked in Banana Leaves! It was the most unique dessert I have ever had! 

That's really all for this week! I love you all

Love, Elder Taylor

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