Monday, November 30, 2015

Still Kicking it in Burlington 11/30/2015

Tis the Season! Man,i am so excited for this upcoming Christmas season! The Church launched a Christmas website yesterday called! It is AMAZING! They released two new videos on it an they are incredible. There is a huge push for us to use them, so we have special pass along cards and other things! It's going to be way cool to use it. They also have a special video they will release for the 12 days of Christmas. It's spectacular! 

Well, transfers came and went and Elder Jones and I are safe! Looks like we will be kicking it here in Burlington for at least another Transfer! Which means 6 months in my first area! Man, I'm super excited to be here for Christmas, we have some super solid investigators that we are working with right now! Alanso and Mercedes are still looking good for Their Baptism on December 19th! 3 weeks away and we are pumped! We also have a lesson with a member referral tonight who sounds super solid! Her mother passed away a few months ago, and she wants to know where she is, so we are going to talk about God's plan for all of us tonight! We are super excited :) Member referrals are the best because they are always way more solid than people we meet on the street!

For Thanksgiving we got to go to one of the places that I am most thankful for! THE TEMPLE!! It was incredible. At the end of a new missionaries first transfer, they get to go to the temple, and because I am with Elder Jones, we got to go. It was such a good time, I was able to learn so much and the spirit was so incredibly strong! 

This week was absolutely nuts, it started off with Elder Jones getting very sick. He has been having Migraines since he got here, after going to 2 doctors that didn't do anything we ended up in the Emergency Room because it got so bad on Monday! Man, I've never seen a busier Emergency Room. We got there about 3pm and didn't get home until 11:30pm.. I've never been that tired in my life! He had all sorts of tests done on him with no diagnosis, which was frustrating so we ended up at a doctor 2 days ago in Brantford, who put him on some Medication to help and it has been making him feel a lot better. So hopefully it can keep his Migraines in check. Anyways, President and Sister Clayton came down to the Hospital with us, and so Sister Clayton became my companion for about an hour and a half. We started talking to this super nice girl and her father from South America. Sister Clayton and I even ended up teaching the First Vision to them in the Hospital Waiting Room at 11:00pm. I never ever ever thought I would be teaching with The Mission President's wife in a hospital, let alone at 11pm on my mission, but the Lord puts people in our path! It's amazing :) 

While walking around the apartment a few minutes before curfew one night we met a man who asked us about why Satan could betray God. We talked for a little about how the Book of Mormon helps to answer that and he had to go but he gave us his number and said he wanted to understand more! It goes to show how important it is that we use every last bit of time we get, even if it is knocking one more door, or talking to one more person! It seems like those are the situations that we find the most in! 

I'm reading the Gospels right now in the New Testament, I decided I wanted to read through them the month of December so that I could understand Christ's life more fully. It's been amazing how I've been able to understand more about who he is. I know he lives, I've felt him in my life so much, and I'm so grateful for him. His spirit is strong this Christmas season, and I'm grateful to stand as a representative of him at this time and place. 

Love You all so very much

Elder Taylor

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