Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy November!

Can't believe that it is November Already!! Man, where has the time gone? The leaves are falling off the trees now and people are starting to complain that winter is coming. On the Bright side, people keep telling us it will be a mild winter, but who really knows, we can all hope right?

Elder Jones and I are having so much fun together! It's funny how sometimes we don't understand each other just because us Americans have changed the English Language so much.  For example, the phrase "see you soon" in England basically means goodbye, not literally see you soon. It's weird, I still like American English better, it makes more sense! We also have a new obsession, Tim Horton's White Hot Chocolate, man, it is so stinking delicious! We are going to try to see if we can buy the powder so I can send some home! :)

The Strange food of the week was a pickled vegetable called Picaya. Apparently it is a delicacy in South America. We had it with Alanso and Mercedes. It's alright, it's just super BITTER. 

We had one of the members we are working with tell us something that made us worry a bit. We meet with him every week and we were talking about how important the Sabbath day is. He went on to tell us about how whenever he misses church he pours himself a glass of juice and gets a slice of bread and prays over it.... ahhh... 1st off he doesn't have the Priesthood and 2nd he can't because it isn't under the Bishop's supervision. I hope I was able to handle the situation okay.  We are meeting with him again tonight and we are going to discuss the Sacrament more. 

We have a HUGE teaching Pool here, and when I say huge I mean we are working with 20+ investigators! It's so much fun! We saw 4 huge miracles this week that all came from inspiration and dedicated work! 

First, we finally met with Pamela! She is a single Mom and her son's name is Noah. She is so so solid and we have been trying to meet for 6 weeks and we're finally able to meet! She is a referall from a man named Brother Chamberlain in Utah. She works international real estate, and travels a ton but she is already reading the Book of Mormon, and loves the standards of the Church! We meet with her tomorrow to teach her the Restoration and invite her to Baptism! I'm so excited for that Lesson!

Second, We were out working an area around a former investigator knocking doors in the pouring rain. I was just thinking in my Head, "Please, please, please, let us find somebody to teach!" Then, the door next to the one we were knocking on opened... and then it closed. We were wondering what on earth happened so we knocked and the door flew open! We met Jan, who is studying Life Science and wants to be a teacher! He is super super humble and he invited us to come back! We taught him the restoration and he is super excited about the Book of Mormon! We meet with him again tomorrow! Miracles, Miracles I tell you!

Third, We were eating breakfast one morning and a Less-Active lady just came to my mind, and I was like, we have to go by her! So we made plans to go by and when we knocked on her door she invited us right in! Turns out she was talking to her Daughter about Proxy Baptisms the day before! She invited us to come over again for Dinner on Thursday, so that will be really good! We also found 2 solid Potential Investigators right on her street! 

Fourth, Last night it was dark out and we were contacting near our Apartment when we ran into a guy named Mat. Just with one T, because Matt with two T's is from the Bible and his family is atheist. We talked to him on the street for 45 minutes about Prayer and invited him to Pray, he was super pumped about us and said we were out of our minds for giving up 2 years of our lives for this, but those are the moments that make it all worth while! :) Mat is a tattoo artist down the street from our Apartment and turns out he lives right around the corner! We are meeting with him tonight at Tim Horton's!

Miracle after Miracle this week, boy do I love Missionary Work! My Ponderize Scripture for the Week is D&C 6:2-3 

I know that Jesus Christ Lives, and because he lives, so can we. I know that this Gospel has been restored through a Prophet of God! And I know that President Monson, is a Prophet, called of God, and holds the Authority to Preside over the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!I Hope all is going well and here is a picture of me rocking out on the dock at Spencer Smith Park

Love, Elder Taylor

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