Monday, April 17, 2017

"Brother, Brother!" 4/17/17


Here are a few tips for updates for the week!

Chicken and Waffles: Wednesday was Chicken and Waffles day at our Southern Smoke House. It was a big nice Texas Waffle, with a big old deep fried chicken breast smothered in the best honey glaze y'all would ever imagine.  
 Chinese Exchange: I got to go on Exchanges with Elder Martin this last week, he's from Utah, fun fact, I actually went to Jr. High with him. He was born in Hong Kong, then moved to Utah a few years later. We had an awesome time on exchanges, luckily everybody we taught could speak English as well as Mandarin so I knew what was going on a majority of the time.

Kaku exchange: I got to go on exchanges with Elder Kaku as well, he is from Ghana and his dad is currently serving as a Mission President in Nigeria, however his dad was just called as an Area 70, so he'll be starting that in June. Our exchange was a blast though, we had a booked day, which ended up falling apart, so we ended up on the streets all day tracting and talking with people. It turned into a great exchange, found a really cool Brazilian guy named Mattio who they are going to start teaching. We also had this really interesting guy named David come up to us on the street. We were walking down the street and he came running over to us, jay walked across the intersection, and in a very loud voice started asking us what Fornication was and if Pornography was bad. It was kinda awkward with people walking all around us, but we helped him understand. 

Later that evening we were walking down the street and another guy came running up to us, yelling "Brother Brother". Turns out this guy named Jim had been living in a rough place for most his life, now he started reading the bible and it's been changing his life a lot. We listened to him just talk for close to 35 minutes straight, we hardly said a work. He's a bit crazy, big into conspiracy, but wants to be baptized and we'll be seeing him again tomorrow. 

Good Friday: Good Friday here is interesting, because everything shuts down for it. It's a National Holiday, which I find really weird seeming how we don't even really celebrate it in Utah at all.

Easter Dinner: We had dinner last night with the Hobbs/Gilmore's. They are an awesome family, they do so much for us. We had Yorkshire pudding with dinner, it reminded me a lot of being with Elder Jones. 

Liz: We started teaching Liz again, we stopped teaching her for a few weeks because she was going through a few things, but we started teaching her again, and she should hopefully be baptized next month, Woot woot!

Jaspreed: Our investigator Jaspreed also came to church yesterday, it was her very first time at a Christian church and she really enjoyed it. She is Sikh, and from India. It's been a blast teaching her, and we'll be seeing her again this week. 

I had the opportunity yesterday to read and compare the Sermon on the Mount to the Nephites and to those in Jerusalem. It's cool to see how there are a few differences in and they all have to do with Christ fulfilling Mosaic Law. Christ's sacrifice and the Atonement of Jesus Christ truly did make all things possible for us. I'm so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who has given us his son, Jesus Christ, as an example to follow, and as our personal Saviors. I love the Gospel and all it can do for us, and I'm grateful for the church and leaders who help us to know how to better follow Christ, I couldn't do it alone. 

Love you all!
Elder Adam Taylor


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