Friday, April 14, 2017

Straight Outta Hamilton 4/10/17

Good Morning! What a wonderful morning here in Hamilton, it's beautiful outside, it's finally spring time. Hurray! Earlier this week Alonso and Mercedes invited us over for dinner, it was awesome to be back in their homes and too see how far they have come over the last year and a half is astonishing. Mercedes made us a fantastic spaghetti and parmesan chicken dinner, she makes killer Italian food, needless to say I was stuffed the rest of the day. 

Our investigator Karen ended classes here at McMaster University, and ended up moving back to Toronto... So sad, we had to pass her off to the sisters up there. She was a blast to teach and super interested in the Gospel, she'll get baptized, I know she will! Wednesday was a crazy day, we had to go to Brampton for a meeting, following the meeting we had to take the truck to Milton, so that we could take some of the other Elders a new mattress and Box Spring. By the time we got done with all of that, we got back about 7:45 and on Wednesday nights we do service feeding the homeless with the Salvation army, so we got back, changed and headed down. This week we were on pastry duty, so we put pastries in a bag and handed them out. 

Thursday we a grand time, it was pooring rain all day so we were soaked all day, but we got to go to a Power to Change meeting at the University, it's a Christian group that talks about Christian debates. They were talking all about faith versus proof basically. There were 2 atheists there who were debating the one side and like 6 Christians on the other. It was kinda unique but we were able to talk to a few guys about their faiths and beliefs and they want to meet up and learn more about "Mormonism" and how we see it. 

Friday was Zone Council, we got to talk about Easter as our instruction to the missionaries, and how we can help use Easter to share our message. It was a powerful meeting and a good time to reflect upon my Savior. 

The other Elders found this BBQ place, the owner spent some time in the South so he knows how to BBQ, oh man was it good. It's the new place to go in Hamilton. Sneak peak, but we're going to have a pig roast there in a few weeks, we're pumped! After that though I got to go on exchanges with Elder Gutierrez in Burlington, oh my, it was amazing to be back. They planned the day to go by a bunch of my former investigators so that's what we did. The first stop of the day was Robin, who was the lady I taught my very first day as a missionary, I met her, and invited her to be baptized that very day. It was a very spiritual lesson, and so fun to see her again. She let us know that she is actually working on moving, but she needed spiritual help, so the Elders there are meeting with her again to help her! Oh man, I was so excited to see her, when she saw us, she yelled "You're back!" We use to always bike over to her house, and she's moving right, so she gave us her bikes because she needed to get rid of them, so now we have bikes here. After that we went over by Randy, who is Native, he was super interested in the Book of Mormon when I was there so when he answered we talked at his door and showed him the Prince of Peace video, we all felt the spirit pretty strong, so I asked him if he knew what that was, he answered No, we told him it was God and we told him we would come teach him how he could feel that more. So they're going back to teach him too. Lastly, we stopped by a guy named Ramone, he is from Jamaica, and when we first knocked, his girlfriend Stephanie answered with a baby, I was surprised because when I found him he didn't have a kid, and now his baby is 9 months old. Craziness! He wasn't home, she told us he had left so we started to walk away but I saw a guy down the street the other way, so we turned around and talked to him, guess what, Ramone was out smoking a joint. We started to talk about family, and how we come back to help his family. He had us inside, we had a long conversation about his beliefs and the Book of Mormon. He is a conspiracist, and if you don't know what that is, they believe in the earth being flat, or hollow, or on pillars like a table, it's interesting. Anyhow, he and his girlfriend committed to read the Book of Mormon. 

I loved being back in Burlington! It was a dream come true, last experience this week that was a blast, on Saturday there was a YSA activity where we had a Bonfire up on the Mountain overlooking Hamiltion, I didn't have my camera on my so I couldn't take any pictures, but being there just reminded me of how beautiful all of God's creations are.

With Easter coming up this week, I Invite all of you to use the initiative put out by the church on Social Media! :) Check out and use the resources this week!

That's about it for the week, I love you all so much

Straight Outta Hamilton, 

Elder Taylor

New bikes 😊 

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