Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Most Important Years of My Life 3/6/17

What a crazy week we had.. seems like we were running all over the place and getting things ready and all sorts of things. We had MLC down in Brampton this week, and it was an awesome meeting, I'll share something powerful that happened to me before the meeting. I felt like I should flip open my scriptures and study for a few minutes before the meeting. I was thinking about a few different things and rules that had come out and were coming out and how I wasn't really looking forward to them but I flipped to Doctrine and Covenants section 26, and as I read the short chapter, they seemed to speak entirely to my heart. It's kind of a funny scripture to speak to me, but I've been thinking a lot about things to make my mission even more meaningful and to become a better teacher and disciple of Christ. I really just felt that this 2 years is perhaps the most important of my life, and for many others. My focus should be on that 100% of the time, and It gave me a chance to one again recommit myself to my Savior. I'm really grateful for the tender mercies our Heavenly Father gives to us.
Sunday was super powerful, fast and testimony meeting was cool. The focus came from members sharing their conversion stories, and it was amazing to hear the different stories and simple testimonies. One testimony was especially sweet, a 99 year old lady slowly made her way to the podium and said this "I know that Jesus Christ lives and that Joseph Smith was a prophet". That was her testimony, but the spirit was so strong as she bore testimony. It was a powerful meeting. 

Also, as I type this email I'm listening to the Face to Face with President Eyring and Elder Holland. If you haven't had the chance to watch it, I recommend you do it. It's awesome! 

Kathleen is doing awesome, she even got her sister Roxanne to come out to church on sunday! Way to go Kathleen, she is looking good for her Baptism at the end of the month, we get to go out there and see her again on wednesday.

We had to bring furniture back down to London with us from MLC so we had the mission truck, and we had to take the truck back to Brampton on Saturday. One fun thing though was that we had to stop to get something from Hamilton for one of the Office missionaries, so we stopped for lunch in Burlington. It was fun to pass through my old area, it's been over a year since I've been there, so it was a great blessing!

President Shields has been putting a lot of focus on becoming more affiliated with Jesus Christ through reading "Jesus the Christ" So I've been reading 4 pages a day and I've seen my relationship with Christ grow just over this last week of doing that. It's been quite the experience, and If you haven't read it, I recommend it completely!

Love you all!

Elder A. Taylor

Ether 12:6 

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