Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Falls & A Sketchy Bus Stop 4/24/17

We were sitting around for an hour and 27 minutes last night until we got our transfer call. We knew one was coming because the AP's told us but it didn't come till 10:27, literally the last call of the night. Elder Spencer is packing his bags and headed to Chatham, he served there 2 transfers after me, then left after 1 transfer and he's going back. He's super pumped to go back there! I'm staying here and my new companion is Elder Toly, from Lethbridge, Alberta! I'm really excited to serve with him, I served around him when I was here in Burlington and when I was in Barrie! I'm excited to be staying here, Hallelujah! 

We hit up Niagara Falls last Monday, it was fun to be down there. Absolutely beautiful weather we had, Emily took us on a hike down by the river with a bunch of the Zone, we also went up by the Falls, checked um out, and stopped by the Harley Davidson Dealership. We're going to start a biker missionary gang... 
So Wednesday one of the members, Tallar, took us out for dinner but wouldn't tell me where we were going, so we drove into Burlington and ended up pulling into Ikea. It's been a very very long time since I've been there to eat, but it was super good! The Downtown Elders had their family get baptized this week, so on we ended up there doing 5 interviews that night as well. Their Baptism was very powerful, and the Elders said the confirmation was the strongest they've every felt the spirit. It's amazing to see families join the fold, and come unto Christ.

I can't remember if we told you or not about the Horneburgers, but they are the new Senior couple in our branch. They are from Cardston, Alberta. They have 15 children, yep, that's right, 15 children. We had dinner with them last week and the quantity of food they made was unreal! I'm not sure Sister Horneburger knows how to cook small quantities. They are so awesome, this is their like 4th mission so far, and they are a Celestial Couple. Anyhow, we had this referral way out in the middle of nowhere, so they ended up driving us out there, it was super funny because we were tracting one side of the street and they were tracting the other side of the street after stopping by the referral. I felt like a group of JW's. 

Friday the Chinese Elders had to take our car so we ended up out in Stoney Creek with no car and had to bus back, I sat by this young guy from Albania and pretty much learned all the history of Albania. Apparently it is 80% Muslim there as well, so we also talked about his background. We weren't able to get his number, but we're hoping he comes to church one of these days! 

Investigators are doing well, Belen came to church on sunday, she's been loving it in YSA, so we are seeing her on Saturday and hopefully going to set her with a Baptismal Date! Wahoo! A lot of our investigators couldn't meet last week, so this week were going to hit the street running.

Love you all!

Elder Adam Taylor

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